So, just been catching up with backlog and have got to the beers I had at Wobbly Brewery, Hereford. At the time I found it odd that they had four Brodies beers on, as I was under the impression they’d gone under a few years back. I asked the bar girl and she said they were brewed on site, as the brewer used to work there.

Last Brodies updates on facebook was 2017, on twitter its 2018. links to some bizarre Thai website.

So are the beers just being brewed surreptitiously at Wobbly, with pumpclips? According to Untappd the beers are about, have appeared at Bedford CAMRA real ale festival recently and some London places including Coffee House and The Bailey Head, up here in Shropshire.

Yet the entry on here still shows it out of business? Anyone know whats going on with them?

This was discussed a while back. Officially relaunched by the former head brewer, but the beers have always been available in snall amounts. I guess admins hadn’t decided whether to reinstate the brewery or not.

It occurs to me that this also applies to Dark Star. People have been adding the more recent beers under Meantime but should the original brewery not just be changed to a Client Brewer?

Yeah, so the fact their social media pages and website are not updated made me wonder. Plus the fact beers seem to be brewed by ex-brewers in Herefordshire, and also at Sambrooks. Just seems very odd.

They were posting on Instagram sporadically up to August this year.