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*CLOSED* ISO: Cantillon Vin Santo FT: New Glarus Very Sour Blackberry+

As title states. Looking for a bottle of Cantillon Vin Santo, and have a 2013 New Glarus R&D Sour Fruit (Very Sour Blackberry)

Happy to add if you are on the fence, and happy to expand as well.


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I also have Cantillon Reine des Prés or Magic Lambic if that’s of more interest.

Hmm, to give some input, the Vin Santo bottles are going for big ammo. Not sure what the R&D is worth,but you probably could not land one for Magic & RdP combined…

I had a look and it goes for $500-600, so I think I would call that big ammo. Looks like Vin Santo is a bit more than that, so the New Glarus and a small + seems right.

Thanks for the opinions, fellas. I am currently in conversation, and hope to close this.



Is this still open?

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I have not closed this yet, but I am still in a conversation with an Italian trader in regards to a larger trade. Hoping to know by the end of this weekend, if we will work it out.

If it’s not closed by Monday, I will shoot you a message, TAD.


Alright, let me know and let’s see if we can work something out!

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This is closed

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