Cloudwater Beer Celebration

Not sure how i feel about this. £60 for an all-in 4-hour session of 100 beers. Im sure some of the pros will he salivating over this, but for me its a) just too much for a UK beer fest and b) veering away from the reason i got into good beer. Which isnt ticking as many as possible, as quickly as possible, with a wrecked palate unable to remember any of them.

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Anchorage Brewing Co in Alaska does Culminations, which is $100 for 4 hrs, but restricted to 300 people. It sells out! I don’t mind paying it if I don’t have to worry about a bunch of drunk idiots. Which that price usually keeps away.

How long was Beavertown Extravaganza? 6 hours? and £65 down to £45 this year. Plus it’s only an hour away. Would I pay for getting to and from Manchester from Kent plus hotel for a 4 hour session? I don’t think so. Not sure about how they guarantee pours of some beers either. probably not going to this.

Im in for Friday afternoon and sat morning

I think the line-up for this will almost certainly blow anything else in the UK out of the water. I’d never pay 60 quid for something like this but I imagine the beer list will be amazing

Do they change the beer every session? Or will it be the same list for all 4 sessions?

no insider info. But i suspect it will be Beers Change over session but at what ever rate they sell.
So yeah some will carry over, others will not last a sessions

Ok cool. Other question. First time in Manchester. Staying thurday-sunday early. I am getting 1 or 2 sessions cause I wanna visit some traditional pubs with great Cask ales. Doing cloudwater and such also but really more into some old school stuff. New ticks and ratings as well of course.

Im not a massive fan of Manchester , and dont know the best cask places. However i Love the Magnet out by Stockport, and id go by Beer Nouveau place as well

Manchester is home to some very characterful old Victorian pubs that are a marvel to look at, and seemingly retain their old fashioned charm. Most tend to be owned & run by old family brewers such as JW Lees with a focus on their traditional cask ales. I cant comment on any specific pubs for good quality trad cask though CAMRA’s guide may help or perhaps the more prolific northern raters like manvsbeer could offer suggestions (RB ratings tend to favour modern bars). Try Marble Arch, the birthplace of Marble brewery, plus Cafe Beermoth, Port Street Beer House & Pilcrow all do a good range of modern / traditional cask & keg.

DOH how could i have forgotton the MArble Arch Yeah its def worth heading to

yeah manchester has plenty of decent cask pubs. Even the euston tap and port street beer house keep them in good nick generally (though on the pricier side).

I guess you mean Piccadilly Tap? Unless Euston Tap now have a northern outpost that I am unaware of.


Its run by the Euston Tap team, as is Sheffield Tap etc…

Ah yes, I remember hearing that now, but the point I was trying to make was that it’s called the Piccadilly Tap and not the Euston Tap which is what I was trying to clarify to avoid confusion.

If you’re going to the Marble Arch there are plenty of decent traditional options nearby, as well as modern craft places in the “Northern Quarter”. Try the Smithfield (now BlackJack brewery tap), the Castle (Robinsons but with guests), the Angel (you have to pass it on the way to/from Marble Arch) and the Crown & Kettle (amazing ceiling). Seven Bro7hers brewery has a taproom just round the corner from the Crown & Kettle.

For two terrific traditional pubs close to each other, try Britons Protection and Peveril of the Peak.

Close together in a slightly different part of the city centre, you could also try the Circus Tavern (it’s tiny), the Grey Horse, the City Arms & the Vine.

If you’re after pork pies = Crown & Kettle.

Thanks a lot, guys.

Sounds awesome.


Was going to pitch in being local to Manchesterbut would only reinterate what Chris O has said Sam’s chop House is a good city center traditional boozer.

Yes I meant picadilly tap of course