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Compile Place Ratings?

I want to have an offline backup of my place ratings. I started doing a page by page cut and paste of just the basic info at https://www.ratebeer.com/user/8067/place-ratings/ but this is slow and fairly tedious. Anyone know of a faster way to do that?


I have a script I use to keep regular backups of mine. I can run it for your place ratings if you like, and mail you the results. In case JoeT or services are reading, don’t worry, it’s designed to be very efficient (will be no more than ~25 hits on the server for someone with 1000 ratings, and I put 20s delays between fetches anyway, so you literally won’t even notice it).


Would appreciate if you could do it for me. IMHO this should be a feature.

There are no secrets within, so here you are: http://fatphil.org/tmp/Iznogud.yml , it’s in YAML format, and if that’s a problem, then this might help: https://www.google.com/search?q=“convert+YAML+to+*”&hl=en&gbv=1&sei=fOKUXbPDBO2smwWTxIbYCQ


Huge thanks Phil!


Could you please do it for me too?. :smiley:

Sure thing, dude: http://fatphil.org/tmp/Marko.yml


Saved! Thank you very much!

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That would be great thanks!

No probs: fatphil.org/tmp/jercraigs.yml


Awesome! Thanks! Do i need to know anything about the encoding etc. to convert? I ended up with a two line xls sheet…

The file format’s YAML, not sure what tools are available for manipulation of such files, as it’s aimed more at programmers.
However, I just hacked together a quick CSV backend for it, which should be importable in MS Excel, let me know if this works:
The back end I used has lots of switches that I can tweak so if something’s not quite right, there’s room for other options. I suspect embedded newlines might be a problem, for example.

Thanks! The online converters I was using were not very intuitive.


+1 please?

I’ve been told that MS Excel is cranky about utf8 in CSV files, and you need to open the program and “import” the file rather than just double-clicking on the file.

@SinH4 - done! http://fatphil.org/tmp/SinH4.csv


Yea, utf8 formats are a bit wonky with Excel.

I use a script to import my beer ratings (that I get as pipe-seperated files from here) that use a custom funciton to display all utf8 characters correctly. Have some problems with some slavic and chinese characters otherwise.

And a +1? :smiley:

And a +2? :face_with_monocle:

At your service:


If you have time, since the feature isn’t available on the site, could you help me out as well?

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