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Dividando Mexico in regiones

Hola gente! Estamos hablando de dividir mas paises en RateBeer como ya tenemos por Alemania, Canada, Belgica etc. Para separar los estados de Mexico, seria asi? Voy a etiquetar @Nekronos @sdaniel90 y @percy0103 @Yased

AG| Aguascalientes
BC| Baja California
BS| Baja California Sur
CH| Chihuahua
CL| Colima
CM| Campeche
CO| Coahuila
CS| Chiapas
DF| Mexico City
DG| Durango
GR| Guerrero
GT| Guanajuato
HG| Hidalgo
JA| Jalisco
ME| México State
MI| Michoacán
MO| Morelos
NA| Nayarit
NL| Nuevo León
OA| Oaxaca
PB| Puebla
QE| Querétaro
QR| Quintana Roo
SI| Sinaloa
SL| San Luis Potosí
SO| Sonora
TB| Tabasco
TL| Tlaxcala
TM| Tamaulipas
VE| Veracruz
YU| Yucatán
ZA| Zacatecas

A website I utilize for peakbagging/mountain climbing says there is 32 states as well. Think same as your list


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ISO-3166-2 seems to be in agreement with 32:

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Ya, seems pretty straight forward, unlike some European countries we’ve been looking at doing, or dividing already.

Also, are there any shortcuts for postal codes in these regions in Mexico btw that will make things easier for admins?

I’m doing Mexican places, starting at big cities, allocating them now that the split happened.

Big cities done. I’ll move onto small towns starting with Acapulco

Mexico places are done

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And states are now allocated in breweries here thanks to @LazyPyro . Looks like I’ve got 18/32. @nekronos @percy0103 and @sdaniel90 may have more.

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Just grabbed this for the Querétaro tick


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