STATES / REGION for all countries

Hey @BeardedAvenger, I’ve ordered those Mexican beers you posted about in January.

Thanks for linking the company on here.



A big thanks to all the admins for their hard work on Spain.

Getting another 17 on would be amazing - thanks in advance @services. More than happy to help on the allocating in any way I can (esp the British Isles ones, as I might actually have a clue on those!) - let me know anything I can do.

@services Just to confirm - we will be getting splits for 17 countries in a few days?

Which countries and where are the proposed splits? Have they been agreed on with local users and admins where applicable (apart from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales)? Was the correct nomenclature been verified by locals?

Thank you for the info. It will be needed for preparation work and to avoid potential issues down the line if something erroneous slipped past verification.

Yes, these are all in the country forums, or way back in this forum, in the case of Italy, if you’ve been paying attention.

Northern Ireland
New Zealand

Maybe I’m missing one?? Some of these were straight forward and easy - there is little argument on the Latin American countries for example. Chile is the only one that added a region relatively recently, but confirmed with @Fukito on that.

The others have been argued over and discussed at length, and have been agreed upon (aka using County in the name for Ireland is what people want).

As soon as each of these has reached what seems like agreement I’ve sent the lists along to him. Certainly if you feel some error has come along in any of them, then now is the chance to raise it.


Russia maybe? Or was that given up on due to the large number of states?

Thanks, I will check these out and do base prep work for organization’s sake backstage.

Here they all are in case anyone wants to stir up some last minute trouble :rofl:

No but really, speak up or forever rest in silence. (as if on this site :rofl:)

And yes Russia is here:

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Forgot UK:

Separate postal code forum

New Z was easy and pretty much just came from @explosivedog I think, who if not the only Kiwi user on here, is definitely his own demographic. But I don’t think there is much dispute there anyway on regions.

Nobody answered on Brazil either but little is up for dispute there, Big country, clearly delineated states and one capital region.

Switzerland came in this forum or the vote for next split forum care of @CH-303 (can’t remember where exactly). Not sure there is much of an dispute on Swiss regions? If you have, take it up with him.


We’re all good to go with the UK ones (Wales and N Ireland).

I believe Ireland too, with these listed in the below post with the “County” prefix:

There is dispute over the naming of Londonderry, however this is apparently only an issue with the city and not the county therefore making it a non-issue for Ratebeer splits. So with this in mind I think Ireland is also good to go, hopefully other admins/users can confirm.

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Ya, that’s the list I sent I believe. Cheers!

If all of this goes off without a hitch I’d still be surprised, but doesn’t seem like the end of the world. Small mistakes can be fixed later, such as the accents on some the Czech regions

I’m super excited 17 is a lot. I’ve had sake from 109 breweries and I’ve long wondered which prefectures I’m missing.

No problem.

Although the list on my phone of places to order from was getting out of hand so they got culled from it!

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Generally seems fine. :slight_smile:

Japan could have been a discussion between the official 40something prefectures or the 8-9 semi-official regions. That will be a pain to do in general. The prefectures are a legit choice though, I certainly won’t be the one complaining.

Sweden - hopefully the local names were chosen instead of the antiquated and disused Latin/English exonyms. Not obvious from the thread, so mentioning here.

Brasil - you gave a list of states missing diacritics.

The correct one would be:
Distrito Federal
Espírito Santo
Mato Grosso
Mato Grosso do Sul
Minas Gerais
Rio de Janeiro
Rio Grande do Norte
Rio Grande do Sul
Santa Catarina
São Paulo

On Sweden, yes, didn’t send the latin version but the local - didn’t seem like a good reason to use Latin over Swedish as none of either version seemed familiar.

In Japan I suggested the 8 region solution in the beginning of the thread but others leaned to prefectures so decided that way. I have no stake in the game there, so deferred.

Brazil ya, I’ll send an updated email with the accents.

Though one thing I noticed as well with Brazil is Distrito Federal. I think we might want to change that either to Federal District, or just Brasilia. I’d say the latter would make more sense. Perhaps Brasilia, D.F. in the vein of Washington, D.C? Thoughts?

Technically Brasília if we’re doing accents? Thought I’m pretty sure in English, you wouldn’t be spellchecked for not including accents on major cities like Sao Paulo, Brasilia etc?

Accents should always be done if possible technically - and these should be.

Distrito Federal includes other townships that are not Brasília, so a bit different situation than DC, should be kept as Distrito Federal.


Maybe we do a hybrid for that special case then, something like the following so non Portuguese speakers that visit will actually know what it’s talking about in the places section?
Distrito Federal (Brasília)

I don’t really care enough if you really want accents, but we don’t do them in the country names, so why should we in region names? AKA the English spelling is Mexico, not México
Likewise Mexico City
It’s pretty common in English to drop Spanish accents in otherwise Spanish names. We didn’t do it for Aragon in Spain for example.

It seems inconsistent to use them in Latin America and not Spain, or in some regions but not country names. That being said, this is not a hill I’m going to die on.

The key difference here is having official, in usage, names of regions that are used for practical persons. The accent in Aragón is not dropped due to just dropping accents for convenience’s sake, but because the accentless Aragon is the official English name for the region. Same as Navarre instead of Navarra (or Nafarroa).

That is not the case with Brazilian and other Latin American forms, where the official name should be used.


As for DF - we didn’t put Australian Capital Territory (Canberra), which is roughly the equivalent, IMO it would be complicating things (and making them slightly incorrect), but I’d defer to the majority opinion.

As for Japan I’ve never heard of the 8 regions always the 47 prefectures, of course I don’t live there. I do drink a lot of sake and prefecture is usually listed on label. And if you go to website like to order sake prefecture is also always spelled out. For example.


Fair enough but I’m not sure that makes sense if we even have a vague desire to be user friendly. Even as an english language speaking unit I have no idea what australian capital territory means on the ground. If we put something like canberra capital territory it would be have been much applicable to someone outside of aus, at least searching for brewpubs in site. It’s all just ease of use I’m talking about and cutting out unnecessary jargon that mainly is only understood by locals.