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Looking in in the forums I saw this thread:


How many English counties have you rated 100 or more beers from? Is anyone getting close to all counties? Obviously both the Isle of Wight and Rutland are the two hardest.

I started that thread in 2017 and I had ten counties with over 100 rates to my name; today it has risen to fifteen. Derbyshire sits on 95. Just another 31 counties to go then!

The Isle of Wight was my lowest rated county with only 8 and Surrey having just 15 my second lowest. Now I have 10 rates for the IoW and my second lowest is Northumberland with 18, Surrey leaping to 23 rates and even overtaking Rutland on 22 rates.


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The forums were a lot clearer and easier to navigate then, weren’t they?!

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I have 19 over 100, with Lincolnshire, Greater London and Nottinghamshire all well over 400.

Close to the 100 are Lancashire, Kent and Wiltshire.

Lowest on 8 is the Isle of Wight. With Surrey and Herefordshire both below 25.

Still lots of progress to be made.

I’ve got 7 counties over 100, with Northants, Notts, Leics and Somerset not too far off. Still only 4 for IOW although I’ll be visiting IOW in September.

Only 4: that London, Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

Greater London and Surrey will drop a few when the Admins finally move Park Brewery back to Greated London - did I mention that it’s not a Surrey brewery:)

4 for me as well. Manchester, Gloucestershire, West Yorkshire, London. Those are all over 200 actually, then I have a huge gap.

I suspect I can add Cornwall to that list later this year, almost entirely thanks to Verdant. Berkshire (Siren) and Tyne & Wear (Wylam) would be next.

4 for me also, London with 390, Berkshire over 200, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire, next closest is Glos, at 80

Up to 5 over a hundred from 4 in the previous thread - Oxon has joined London, Bucks, Suffolk and Wilts. Berks should be the next to join them, maybe in the next year.

More movement at the lower end of the table - have gone from 6 under 10 rates to just 3 - the remaining ones being Worcs, IoW and obviously Rutland.

I know Grumbo is actively trying to do the 100 for all counties

Myself have 8 counties above 100, with the 9th waiting on one Cloudwater rate.

For County Durham am closing in on 500 rates, which is from the possible 864 (counting both current and closed breweries) can anyone beat that percentage of ~57% from possible home county rates?

8 counties over 100 (London/Manchester/West Yorks/Berks/Derbyshire/Cornwall/Glos/Kent) and only 4 ticks away from Tyne & Wear 100) and close on Suffolk/Somerset.

Planning some trips back to the UK this year (with some northern trips) so hopefully get closer on a few more :slight_smile:

Just to add a side-cider stat, I only need Lancashire for a cider rate in every English County, and Lancashire, Merseyside & Rutland for a cidery in every English county - if anyone has any of those would be happy to trade something!

12 over 100 for me, though a recent trade with danlo has increased my Tyne & Wear count, so only need 10 or so to nudge that one over the line.

@danlo how to you see the amount of beers listed by county?

I added it up manually from the county breweries page
e.g for shropshire:
Get 765 for Shropshire current and closed breweries,
That puts Blackhaddock at 51% and you at 39% of all Shropshire beers ever on ratebeer


For some reason this is my main target for 2019 and not in the slightest the fault of @mr_pink_152. I have 19 greater than 100 and enough in the ‘cellar’ to get a further 5 over the line once they’ve been opened. That leaves a further 20 of which only Dorset (47) and Worcestershire (41) are less than 50 (other than the obvious 2 of IOW and Rutland).

So that’s about 630 beers (or ciders @danlo) left to find to get every county except those two over 100.

I have 23 over :100: with another 3 countries just 11-15 hits away, I was quite surprised by this as this isn’t a stat’ that I have knowingly chased. Living in Germany now I suspect that the figure of 23 is unlikely to move much now.

Are you sure that is the number of ‘available’ beers? I think a fair amount will be retired or from long-gone breweries such as Battlefield or Blackwater, a subsidiary i believe Salopian no longer brew under which has 75-80 beers listed. If i had a look through the list that % should be higher.

I’m only missing 3 - Northumberland, Rutland and I.o.Wight. Northumberland is doable, not sure the others are though. It was something I went for over my Ratebeer career.

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I’ve had 29 over 100 for England, That London is on 3,663, G Manchester/W Yorks and Berkshire all over 500.

9 under 50 which tend to be counties with, shall we say … less forward thinking breweries that peddle boring bitters, so don’t really interest me.

I’ve also focussed on the USA as much, if not more, with 15 states over 100 (CA - 1,771) and the one I go for probably the most is trying to get states over 10 rates … 10 to go still !

At least Bakers Dozen has given folks a potential shout at Rutland … no chance otherwise!