[EU] Free beer contest - Guess my favourite food

I’m giving away some random beers I’ve standing around:

Hoppebräu Helles
Seelmann Bräu Bockbier
Braustelle Auf ein Kölsch, Trinker!
Possmann Big Äppler Extra Mild
Gruibingener Winterbier
Freigeist / Orca / Pirate Brew Room 237

So, what’s my favourite food? One try per person/day.
I’ll send to anywhere within the EU. Winner needs to start a new contest!

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I’ve seen you eat pizza

I’ll go full Kölsch cliché and say Himmel un Äd.

Potato salad.

Currywurst! :grin:

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Ramen :ramen::ramen::ramen::ramen:

Fish and Chips.



I really like to eat that in brewpubs, though not my favourite food.

Sure, who doesn’t :grin:

Eating that less than once a year

I eat that often but my favourite food is a warm dish

Nope but I do have a good recipe with shrimps and lots of herbs

Everything mentioned until now is far away from the correct answer

Spaghetti Bolognese



Well, that went quick! Spinach Lasagne to be precisely. Send me your address and I’ll send you the beer.

Sorry guys, already solved! Hopefully we’ll have another content by herrklemann soon :star_struck:


Let’s see how creative he is this time - not sure if the Capybara picture/video contest can be topped.

There’s so many lovely critters.

Thanks @Koelschtrinker! After you started this contest, I thought about starting another one as well - good thing I waited a few hours. My initial guess was Spaghetti as well, by the way. :smiley:

Dried fish. Wimba

Thanks Roman!