Europe top 50 points

Its finished, but it took a while, so the first countries might have changed a little during summer…
The countries in this stat is the 56 countries under “Breweries in Europe” here on Ratebeer. Only raters with more than one rating from Gibraltar have scored points.
814 raters have scored points, but I think several have “hidden” points.
No 1 rater in a country gets 50 points, No 2 gets 49 and so on.


1 fonefan 1712
2 omhper 1479
3 Yespr 1377
4 Ungstrup 1121
5 Rasmus40 1052
6 saxo 1006
7 Koelschtrinker 996
8 Travlr 865
9 HenrikSoegaard 816
10 oh6gdx 793
11 ogvilado 776
12 chrisv10 739
13 joergen 734
14 Grumbo 731
15 Marko 646
16 MarkoNm 640
17 Erzengel 630
18 Beerhunter111 622
19 mcberko 595
20 Tbone 549
21 Cuso 483
22 Visionthing 479
23 DSG 457
24 Heavy 442
25 Anders37 433
26 Camons 432
27 Madmitch76 429
28 Fatphil 419
29 Rune 414
30 Marduk 407
31 theydon_Bois 404
32 Yantarcoast 392
33 Bov 389
34 Cgarvieuk 383
35 Mariusz 383
36 Papsoe 379
37 Alex_leit 378
38 hraben 365
39 Oakes 360
40 Manslow 359
41 Gurthnar 344
42 Leighton 341
43 Harrisoni 334
44 luttonm 326
45 Martjoobolut 326
46 kiwianer 325
47 Gunnar 324
48 Djoeye 311
49 Imdownthepub 308
50 dnicolaescu 305



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Happy with a Top-100 position! Thanks for the stats!

Croatia rocking it with 3 people in top 25. :smiley:

I now have a more-or-less equivalent table generated daily, but with a larger list of countries considered “Europe”. It mostly agrees with the rankings you have. However, I’ve discovered a large source of noise in the data, namely the truncation at 50 of the set of people who are all in joint “last” place. On the RB page, the order is not reproduceable, which means that some people are on the list some days, but not others. It’s easy to see this with Gibraltar, for example, where on two consecutive days fonefan has been both on the top-50 list, and off it - giving a massive inaccuracy of 49 points:

According to the Gibraltar problem I didnt give points to people with 1 rating.

I’ve made it a rule now to drop the scores for anyone in joint 50th place, because it’s unfair to those who have that same tally, but because of luck don’t feature on the top-50 table.

Testing this on my ‘Britain’ region shows the following losers of points:
England Dropped joint-50th place with 3260 scoring 1 = MesandSim
Gibraltar Dropped joint-50th place with 1 scoring 49 = RichTheVillan Beerhunter111 Erzengel Rasmus40 tderoeck Grumbo Hildigöltur MarkoNm massingasetta Ungstrup Scopey yespr Sibarh Inbreak alex_leit madmitch76 efeesse Geokkjer gyllenbock Ysok02 TomHendriksen kiwianer rand Nisse666 ShivanDragon Dfonorow Gurthnar chrisv10 Hansen omhper Benzai minutemat jonas yngwie Marduk Mariusz Boutip sjogro abemorsten ClubGonzo rlgk djoeye mtitov teddybeer jtclockwork Koelschtrinker Desverger RobertDale Leighton
Guernsey Dropped joint-50th place with 2 scoring 15 = Desverger HarvesterOfSorrow DanielBrown abemorsten Tubotiff Beerhunter111 JorisPPattyn MarkoNm boboski yespr madsberg joergen gunnar Holmen1 anders37
Isle of Man Dropped joint-50th place with 8 scoring 5 = Nekronos johndoughty Scopey undercurrent25 Piw
Jersey Dropped joint-50th place with 4 scoring 8 = HenrikSoegaard chriso Holmen1 BeardedAvenger DruncanVeasey biggles231 abemorsten MarkoNm
Northern Ireland Dropped joint-50th place with 23 scoring 5 = RichardGretton jamestulloch Idiosynkrasie oh6gdx Desverger
Scotland Dropped joint-50th place with 436 scoring 1 = FatPhil
Wales Dropped joint-50th place with 120 scoring 1 = Christian

I can keep a tally of all the “lost” points as I drop them, to reduce the surprise coefficient. I’ll add that before I run the script that generates all my tables later today.

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:confused: :angry:

Well, same for Germany. And Denmark is beating that.

Indeed. But it’s another sign of how much the active rater/capita ratio rocks for Croatia.

Top 25
8x Denmark
3x Croatia
3x Germany
2x Finland
2x Sweden
1x Canada
1x England
1x Estonia
1x Israel
1x Slovakia
1x Slovenia
1x USA

Lovely work @HenrikSoegaard, and @FatPhil. I love stats, but I could never do this sort of stuff, not computer savvy enough.


Are the points given for most ratings in a country, or for most breweries in a country? It’s not entirely clear. :wink:

And love the stats. Btw: did you copy them manually? Cause you spelled by username wrong in the image. :stuck_out_tongue:

On another day @FatPhil, I too would have been on that Gibraltar list (like a few more ratebeerians), it’s difficult for you to do this I know.