Events 2022

Now that most beer festivals seem to be back on again I thought it was worth starting a thread.

I’m currently off to the following:

Awakening (Fallen Acorn) in Gosport - 02/04

Egham - 15/04

Riverside (BBNo) - 03/06

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  • Mikkeller Beer Celebration! May

  • Tallinn Craft Beer Week! June

  • Tampere SOPP May

  • Craft Beer Helsinki July

  • Helsinki SOPP July

  • Helsinki Haze Wave July

Looks promising!


I meant to put this on the UK forum but may as well open it up!

Egham takes place three times a year so should go to the othet two as well.

My plan:
Arrogant Sour - may
Tcbw - june
EVPL - june/july (small Estonian fest, date unknown atm)
Bxl beerfest - august

I think it’s actually a great idea to have a thread about fests. I would like to visit at least a couple more, so this is a great place for ideas.

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My plan is like this:

Hakets Ölfestival
All In Beer Fest

Will try to go to one of the festivals in BE/NL as well.

  • Mikkeller Beer Celebration. Copenhagen (Denmark). May

  • Caminha Artbeerfest. Caminha (Portugal). July

  • Budapest Beer Week. Budapest (Hungary). September

  • Mash Beer Festival. Barcelona (Spain). October.


Got a few locked in.

MBCC 13th-14th May

Bristol Craft Beer Festival 10th-11th June

Beak Brewery Festival in Lewes, weekend of 25th June

Thinking about GBBF, 2nd to 6th August

Peterborough Beer Festival, last week of August

BXL, Brussels, 27th-28th August

Indy Man (good to see it back), 29th Sept-2nd Oct

Also thinking about Billies in Antwerp mid November

Decibel Beer and Metal Festival - June 10 (probably)
Other Half Green City - June 18 (definitely)

@Cheeseboard: Queens Hotel have a Newtown beer on.

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Like nearly everyone else here the big one…

MBCC Copenhagen/Denmark (May)

Also, so far looking at…

BBno Riverside fest, London/UK (June)
GBBF (if it happens) London/UK (Early August)
Brewskival, Helsingborg/Sweden (Late August)

Other Half Pastrytown November

Looks like this will fit for me finally…

Birmingham Meet-Up Saturday 2nd July.



No EVPL this year, but thinking about visitng a festival in Helsinki instead.

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This one isn’t happening!

Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival

2c0tcp3t8hc2of949fe47t ·

After several in-depth meetings and discussions with the Operating Officers of Worcester Racecourse, festival Committee Members, and other stakeholders - the decision has been sadly taken by the Organising Committee to not proceed with the 2022 Worcester Beer and Cider Festival.

Several factors were instrumental in this decision - with the unavailability of a suitable venue this year for the length of time required for the festival and due to other exceptional circumstances.

Alternative venue options and formats for a 2022 Festival have been considered at length but the Committee felt they would not be able to host a festival of suitable quality due to constraints imposed by other venues.

The Committee is therefore earnestly starting plans to secure a venue to celebrate our twenty first festival in 2023 - with planning meetings commencing in May of this year.


I’ll be at Arrogant. I believe @Werckmeister is coming too.


@Marduk will be also there.

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5 years anniversary of Orca Brau Nürnberg, Germany