Events 2022

Now that most beer festivals seem to be back on again I thought it was worth starting a thread.

I’m currently off to the following:

Awakening (Fallen Acorn) in Gosport - 02/04

Egham - 15/04

Riverside (BBNo) - 03/06

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  • Mikkeller Beer Celebration! May

  • Tallinn Craft Beer Week! June

  • Tampere SOPP May

  • Craft Beer Helsinki July

  • Helsinki SOPP July

  • Helsinki Haze Wave July

Looks promising!


I meant to put this on the UK forum but may as well open it up!

Egham takes place three times a year so should go to the othet two as well.

My plan:
Arrogant Sour - may
Tcbw - june
EVPL - june/july (small Estonian fest, date unknown atm)
Bxl beerfest - august

I think it’s actually a great idea to have a thread about fests. I would like to visit at least a couple more, so this is a great place for ideas.

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My plan is like this:

Hakets Ölfestival
All In Beer Fest

Will try to go to one of the festivals in BE/NL as well.

  • Mikkeller Beer Celebration. Copenhagen (Denmark). May

  • Caminha Artbeerfest. Caminha (Portugal). July

  • Budapest Beer Week. Budapest (Hungary). September

  • Mash Beer Festival. Barcelona (Spain). October.


Got a few locked in.

MBCC 13th-14th May

Bristol Craft Beer Festival 10th-11th June

Beak Brewery Festival in Lewes, weekend of 25th June

Thinking about GBBF, 2nd to 6th August

Peterborough Beer Festival, last week of August

BXL, Brussels, 27th-28th August

Indy Man (good to see it back), 29th Sept-2nd Oct

Also thinking about Billies in Antwerp mid November

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Decibel Beer and Metal Festival - June 10 (probably)
Other Half Green City - June 18 (definitely)

@Cheeseboard: Queens Hotel have a Newtown beer on.

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Like nearly everyone else here the big one…

MBCC Copenhagen/Denmark (May)

Also, so far looking at…

BBno Riverside fest, London/UK (June)
GBBF (if it happens) London/UK (Early August)
Brewskival, Helsingborg/Sweden (Late August)

Other Half Pastrytown November

Looks like this will fit for me finally…

Birmingham Meet-Up Saturday 2nd July.



No EVPL this year, but thinking about visitng a festival in Helsinki instead.

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This one isn’t happening!

Worcester Beer, Cider & Perry Festival

2c0tcp3t8hc2of949fe47t ·

After several in-depth meetings and discussions with the Operating Officers of Worcester Racecourse, festival Committee Members, and other stakeholders - the decision has been sadly taken by the Organising Committee to not proceed with the 2022 Worcester Beer and Cider Festival.

Several factors were instrumental in this decision - with the unavailability of a suitable venue this year for the length of time required for the festival and due to other exceptional circumstances.

Alternative venue options and formats for a 2022 Festival have been considered at length but the Committee felt they would not be able to host a festival of suitable quality due to constraints imposed by other venues.

The Committee is therefore earnestly starting plans to secure a venue to celebrate our twenty first festival in 2023 - with planning meetings commencing in May of this year.


I’ll be at Arrogant. I believe @Werckmeister is coming too.


@Marduk will be also there.

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5 years anniversary of Orca Brau Nürnberg, Germany

Anyone else going Brewskival over in Helsingborg? Pretty impressive line up this year, thought it was going to be end of August as previous years but actually 12-14 August works better (as still on summer vacation) so think I will get the ferry over for at least one of the days. They still seem to be adding breweries but line up already looks good so far…

|Gueuzerie Tilquin|Belgium|
|Garden Brewery|Croatia|
|Amager Bryghus|Denmark|
|Baghaven Brewing and Blending|Denmark|
|Ebletoft Gårdbryggeri|Denmark|
|Gamma Brewing|Denmark|
|Mikkeller HQ|Denmark|
|People Like Us|Denmark|
|To Øl|Denmark|
|WarPigs BrewPub|Denmark|
|Ant Brew|Finland|
|Pien Brewing|Finland|
|Atelier Vrai (formerly Atelier der Braukünste)|Germany|
|Blech Brut|Germany|
|Fuerst Wiacek|Germany|
|Sudden Death|Germany|
|Seven Island Brewery|Greeece|
|FIRST The Craft Beer Co.|Hungary|
|ZiP Brewhouse|Hungary|
|The Brothers Brewery|Iceland|
|Arpus Brewing Co|Latvia|
|Compañía Cervecera Hércules|Mexico|
|Monkey Brew|Norway|
|Browar Maryensztadt|Poland|
|Browar Stu Mostrow|Poland|
|All in brewing|Sweden|
|Apex Brewing Co|Sweden|
|Åre Bryggcompagni|Sweden|
|Attic Meadery|Sweden|
|Benchwarmers Brewing Co.|Sweden|
|Brygghuset Finn|Sweden|
|Chad Brewing|Sweden|
|Crooked Moon Brewing|Sweden|
|Duckpond Brewing|Sweden|
|Dugges Bryggeri|Sweden|
|Eskilstuna Ölkultur|Sweden|
|Friends Company|Sweden|
|Helsingborgs Bryggeri|Sweden|
|Hop Notch Brewingv|Sweden|
|Hyllie Bryggeri|Sweden|
|Malmö Brewing Co.|Sweden|
|Nerd Brewing|Sweden|
|Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri|Sweden|
|O/O Brewing|Sweden|
|Oppigårds Bryggeri|Sweden|
|Örebro Brygghus|Sweden|
|RÅÅ Bryggeri|Sweden|
|Remmarlöv Gårdsbryggeri|Sweden|
|Rocket Brewing|Sweden|
|Stigbergets Bryggeri|Sweden|
|Stockholm Brewing Co.|Sweden|
|Svartbergets Fjällbryggeri|Sweden|
|Tempel Brygghus|Sweden|
|Ten Hands Brewing|Sweden|
|Uppsala Brygghus|Sweden|
|Vingården i Klagshamn|Sweden|
|Brew York|UK|
|Mikkeller Brewpub London|UK|
|Neon Raptor|UK|
|Newbarns Brewery|UK|
|Three Hills Brewing|UK|
|Verdant Brewing Co|UK|
|Varvar Brew|Ukraina|
|18th Street Brewery|USA|
|2nd Shift Brewing|USA|
|7venth Sun Brewery|USA|
|Angry Chair Brewing|USA|
|Arclight Brewing Company|USA|
|B. Nektar Meadery|USA|
|Barclay Brewing|USA|
|Barrier Brewing Co.|USA|
|Commonwealth Brewing Co|USA|
|Cycle Brewing|USA|
|Finback Brewery|USA|
|Fonta Flora Brewery|USA|
|Forager Brewery|USA|
|Lawless Beer|USA|
|Mikerphone Brewing|USA|
|Mikkeller SD|USA|
|Narrow Guage Brewing Company|USA|
|Ology Brewing Co|USA|
|Other Half Brewing|USA|
|Recycled Brewing Co|USA|
|Saint Errant Brewing|USA|
|Short Throw Brewing|USA|
|Sour Cellars|USA|
|Speciation Artisan Ales|USA|
|Superstition Meadery|USA|
|Taproom Beer Co|USA|
|Timber Ales|USA|
|Transient Artisan Ales|USA|
|Tripping Animals|USA|
|Voodoo Brewery|USA|


Brugs BierFestival 2022. April
Tolivia FEST, Asturias July.
London Craft Beer Festival. August.
Mash Beer Festival. Barcelona (Spain). October.

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Snallygaster and possibly NY Blocktoberfest have entered the picture.