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Not for me … sounds like they just sat on the stock for 2 years


I agree, sounds like they’ve had the cans sitting there the whole time. Also, it doesn’t look like they’ve even put anything on the can label to mark it as a different version, so no one’s going to know unless they’re buying it direct off the webshop.


Ram Brewery were, I believe,.never added to Ratebeer because they were not producing beer for commercial sale. However they now have a couple of beers on at Sambrooks Tap (where the nanokit they use is based). So should now.be added to the database?

Update from the brewer himself… although it kida doesn’t confirm either way…

“All “Ram branded” beers are my own recipe and brewed on my own nano-brewery, as they have been since 2007.
The nano-brewery has been in the Sambrook’s Brewouse since 2020 and my ales have been commercially available (via Sambrook’s) since then.”

Exactly what I thought, nothing on the description on the can to differentiate from regular version. It could open up a can of worms as anyone of us could have stashed a can away and claimed it is cellar aged.


Also the BB date on those cans was Nov 22 but there is no mention of that and yet there is also a price hike, as it was available for about €4.40 here, seems like just trying to shift old stock.


To confuse matters, Laine have take over The Ram pub (formerly SlyBeast and then Coalition). They use the equipment to brew The Ram Juicy Pale.

So Wandsworth now has Ram Brewery and The Ram brewpub.

Thought as much. ‘Furthest City Light - Shelf Turd Edition’. I bought one anyway with my Siren delivery as I’ve never had the original & raters gotta rate.


Another one gone.



Non of us got to try any although I understand that there are still some cans hanging around. Oh yes, the Taproom is shut too.

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And from Grimsby as well 1 @blackhaddock

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A while back I was one click away from placing an order and then changed my mind. Hopefully not the £40 they needed to keep going.

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New meadery near me. However their website has addresses in two counties. I’m thinking of adding using the plant address?


Unit C1
Oak Tree Farm
Gays Lane



68 Shortwood Avenue
TW18 4JL

Surely this beer
Beartown Skinful • RateBeer
is just this one
Beartown Bearskinful • RateBeer
renamed ?

This venue has reopened - though I haven’t been in it yet

So I guess all BBNo and Brick rates will now transfer to North Yorkshire:

Elland Brewery have filed a notice:

“A meeting of shareholders has been called and will be held prior to the virtual meeting of creditors, to consider passing a resolution for voluntary winding up of the Company.”

So another one bites the dust :frowning_face:


I wonder how much profit they made selling beer to Spoons which then got sold for 99p?

I’d hold fire on moving them

Are the brands going to continue and to what level

Maybe time we re-evaluated these county moves for brewers with hundreds of entries and 95% of those never likely to be brewed again


Definitely agree, something we did with Youngs in the past and a couple of others.
Luckily with my own records I can keep the beers in the original county for when I had beers myself, which does make my records quite different to what I see on Ratebeer.

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A bit of a typo on this one (not me). Should be Theory Beerworks.


Made it difficult to search, almost added a new brewery.

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Are we going to see a lot of Greater London rates move to North Yorkshire? : Breal Group consolidates Brick and BBNo into Black Sheep