FT: 18 DL ISO: Tree House

FT: 18 DL

ISO: Tree House from this weekends release



I have treehouse from this past weekend. I’ve got Haze, Very Green, Present Moment, Hurricane, Alter Ego. What is DL? Sorry, I’m pretty new to this.


3 Floyd’s Dark Lord

Sounds good to me. I’ve got:
TH- very green, haze, hurricane, alter ego, present moment (pints)
ALCH- heady topper, crusher, focal banger, skadoosh (pints)
HF- double galaxy (12oz)

What you looking for and how much traded?

The DL was $30. So equal dollar amount of just the Tree House stuff.

I’ve been fortunate to have Alchemist and HF before


Sounds good to me. Let’s do it. I’ll make it $30 of treehouse stuff. How do we go from here?

I sent you a PM