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HIGH IMPACT BUG: Newly entered beers are not showing in search results

Example entered via browser:
Search “De Peel Gouden Helm” returns no result via website or via the app.

Example entered via app:
Search “Barrier Strata Citra” returns no result via website or via the app.

regards, Mike


Also, @joet

mah beer ;,(

The beer entries are there, but right now, you can only get to them through brewery listings.

It would also appear that at least some beers added on August 1st are searchable, but nothing I’ve seen added August 2nd and August 3rd isn’t. Which I guess should be helpful to whoever is tasked with fixing this.

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I confirm that newer beers (Aug 2 and after, it seems) aren’t searchable. Serious issue here, @joet .

Just added a few, some by app, and some by the desktop RB. None of them are findable on regular search. Since I rated some of them right away after adding, they are definitely there, and you can find them by searching within the brewery. Just not on the regular search.

Yup, precisely that.

Haven’t checked if barcode search works on the new ones by the way, will have to do that later on.

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Seems this bug affects breweries too. Bryggerihust Beitostølen has been added as both brewery and place, but only the place show up when searching. The beer added isn’t showing up either.

Fucking hell that’s bad. I was afraid it was like that, but hoped it wouldn’t be.


He’s escalating the issue.

Hopefully gets resolved soon. It’s a pretty bad gamebreaker.


Not sure for how many people it will be of help - but newly added beers show up in the app when you scan their barcodes - so add those barcodes, folks! :smiley:

For those that have never done this. How is this achieved?

Go in the RB app. Click on the little barcode looking thing to the far right of the magnifying glass button on the main screen. Scan the barcode.

If the barcode was added - that’s it.

If it wasn’t, you’ll be able to add it to the beer by searching for it further manually and confirming… but until this main issue is fixed, that second part is probably out of bounds.

Seems to be working now. The beers I entered previously and the beers I entered today are showing up in the search results. Both on the app and website. :crossed_fingers:


Still doesn’t seem to be fully fixed for me. A beer I entered last night is now searchable, but beers entered earlier (on Aug 4 & 5) still aren’t showing.

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Do not expect any fix from @joet or @services
Seeing is beliving.

I try to add a new brewery minipivovar Domov but it doesn’t show up,it written it’s in the database.

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