How is Coronavirus Impacting Ticking

Who gives a toss that Tom Hanks has got it, what has been the real human impact?

My work trip to Brum and two meetings in London have been cancelled so that’s some decent ticking opportunities down the pan.

However I am soon to be working from home for a couple of weeks so will be able to work through a few more from my stash at home.

I’ve left the panic buying to the Mrs but I did place an order with Hoptimism in anticipation of clearing some space.

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If you follow the situation in Denmark you will know the huge impact it has. All bars in Denmark are told to close for 14 days so no ticking from tap…

I was supposed to be going to Colorado for work next week, but the event has been cancelled. No new region place rating for me.

Time to finally work on that cellar :wink:

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I’m still on for my trip to Brum, and Edinburgh, for now…monitoring the situation closely

Cancelled a trip to Italy. Any travel now is in jeopardy.

All booked to go to Brussels and Zythos in April, keeping a close eye on the situation. I am attending Wantage Beer festival tomorrow, lots of hand washing and taking my own glasses to pour the beer into. Some beer festivals are already being cancelled across the UK but pubs operating as normal currently.

No cases reported here in Shrewsbury so pubs are all busy as usual. Daytime is dead as no tourists.

Our Boris is delaying the ban on large gatherings so his mates can enjoy Cheltenham Races, which is nice of him.

Frightening to think what the long term impact could be worldwide. Recession seems likely.

Bars in Prague will be able to work only from 6AM to 8PM. Unsure how that helps, but there you go.

Stocked up today on nearby ticks.

For me personally - likely wasted money on a bus ticket to a cancelled festival in Ljubljana - thought I’d go on my own anyway, but really don’t want to risked a closed border hindering me from going back to work in Prague. Will see how that develops.

Helped organize a Croatian tap takeover at Beergeek Bar which is supposed to take place in late April - AFTER the 30 days state of emergency goes, but it might impact that - really hope it doesn’t.

Here in the U.S. a lot of businesses (like Starbucks) are no longer refilling personal cups. Might want to check with the festival first

I know 2 guys that took their families for a vacation (beercation) in Florida this week, things have suddenly become cheaper and the crowd is smaller.

Next week would be a great week to travel, tickets to Puerto Rico from Cleveland are $148 round trip.

The coronavirus zombies only come out at night

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The scientificically accurate explanation is that all old people will be in bed by 20:00. This will reduce the mortality rate significantly.

I get them to fill their own glass and transfer the beer from that to my own, then clean my hands. I know it’s a bit ott but we find ourselves in strange times.

I did a bus trip and pub crawl in Stafford yesterday, visited 8 pubs and had no issues in Stafford, Newport (Shropshire) or Oakengates (Telford).

I have underlining mental problems though!



Just about to walk into town and meet up with a mate for a couple of pints in two different pubs, hope to pick up a rate or two, but no viruses!


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Leicester CAMRA trip to Shrews tomorrow, and still on by the looks of things, so I might be swinging your way (keeping in mind that while this is one of the more progressive CAMRA branches, it might be difficult to persuade a detour to the craftier outlets in town)…

This weekend is my last hurrah most likely. Can’t imagine we won’t be like Italy soon.

To be honest there isn’t much in the way of ‘craft’ apart from us, and those that have got modern styles also have cask. We’re probably the only place where you’d get a few moans from the group as we don’t have draft anymore. But, we do serve crepes.

Check the new place Tap & Can

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We shall see. If the group splinters off once in town I may have better luck! Thanks for the tip and maybe (unlikely but not impossible) see you tomorrow…

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I went to a brewery at lunchtime and they were working on a collab. The guy from the other, pretty well known, brewery said that they were slightly concerned that people may stop buying beer.

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