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Impossible to rate today, web page and app as well

Internal server problems
I met the robot again and again and again

was all fine till 20 minutes ago but has gone robot since

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Who pulled the plug?

FFS :man_facepalming:t2: Somebody stick ten bob in the meter.

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Nothing is working now, except the Forums. Bloody annoying! :cold_face:

Yeah, the website is completely inaccessible to me as well.

can’t rate a beer. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

2 hours later and it’s still down :roll_eyes:

RB caught Covid.

breakfast time in AUS land right now

but is there a weekend shift offered ?

Any chance of some urgency getting this rectified?

Clicked on the feedback link that rb is broken and that doesn’t work either.

Still down. Sigh

Just got one to save. Yay.

Appears to be working again now.

All clear now for me, thankfully :smiley:

Works now, but long responce to fix.
And no explanation from @services

Not a good excuse, but when the personnel that do the fixing live in Australia then they most likely aren’t answering the European/US users at 4am.

I couldn’t even access the forums!

It died again a 10 minutes ago. @services @joet

What’s going on!?

I think not being immediately available at 4am is a pretty reasonable excuse personally.

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