IP boston/HF FT: D'aunis, 50N, Blabaer, Nath, BAIGCCS, BARR, Others ISO: List

Will be in Boston from June 9 through 17. Will also visit Hill Farmstead on the 13th.

These are my main ISO, though I could consider other beers of similar value.


  • Assassin purple, orange and yellow wax (main wants)
  • BBT
  • Handjee 2018
  • KBBS b3
  • IWAAD b1 or b2


  • Lambic D’aunis 2017 (2x)
  • 50N b2
  • Blabaer '16 and '18 37,5cl
  • Cantillon Geuze Magnum (2x)
  • Nath
  • BAIGCCS b2
  • BA Rocky Road
  • DB Popinski
  • BA Fionn
  • Hommage 2017

In person strongly preferred, or maybe through a proxy. If you have my ISO, PM me.

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