IP Brussels 4/29-5/06 FT: American Beers ISO: Lambics

In Brussels 4/29-5/06. I’ll be at Quintessence, but other than that, no real plans, so it should be easy to organize a meet.


Alpine - Great 2015

Alesmith - Velvet 2015, BA Jamacian Blue Mountain Speedway (member’s only release), BA Vietnamese Speedway 2014 & 2016, plus most other AleSmith releases

Abnormal - M4, BA M3, Pappy Barrel #4

Bottle Logic - Fundamental Observation 2016 & 2017, Jam the radar 2017 & 2018, Reaction State, Ground State 2016 & 2017, Red Eye November 2017, Number Crunch, Space Trace, Darkstar November

Goose Island - Bourbon County Rare 2015, Bourbon County Regal Rye

Hardywood - 2017 GBS set (2 non-barrel aged and 6 different barrel aged beers)

Lost Abbey - Cable Car 2012, Churchill’s Finest Hour 2016, Duck Duck Gooze 2013, O’Brien’s 20th Anniversary, Veritas 013-020, Veritas Peach, 24 Steps, plus a lot other Lost Abbey beers

Modern Times - Modem Tones Vanilla, Monster Tones, BA Monster’s Park Vanilla, Spanish Brandy Monster’s Park, Spanish Brandy Monster’s Park with Figs & Cocoa, plus most other MT releases

Randoms - Horus Oceanside’s Eleven, The Answer crowlers,Russian River Toronado 25th Anniversary, hops

My friends have a ton of beers that I can always grab from them, and I also have a couple of months to acquire other beers, so if there’s something you want and don’t see, message me and I’ll see what I can do.


3F - Zenne b1 & b2, Framboos 2011, Armand & Tommy (Tomme), Armand 4’ Seasons, Millennium Geuze, various OGV, Malvasia Rosso + others

Cantillon - Lou Pepe Kriek & Framboise, Fou Foune, Heerengeuze, Carignan, d’Aunis, Reine des Prés, Riesling Blend, 50N, La Vie est Solidaire/Belge, Super Blend + others

Given your dates, don’t miss the lesser-hyped Quintessence feat. Tilquin & UK friends in the same week as Cantillon: