(Brussels - Quintessence) FT: List // ISO: Lambic + List

I’ll be in Belgium (with FBC24) for Quintessence and was looking to set up a few trades. Flexible for meetup times/locations (Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels)

Looking for the following:

Cantillon - Lou Pepes, Fou Foune, St Lam, Vigneronne, older Iris/Gueuze (pre-2011)
3F - Hommage, Schaerbeekse Kriek, Framboos
Tommie Sjef bottles
De Heeren 20th Anniversary
Mikkeller X Imperial Stout and BA variants, BA George, BA George vs Brian
Girardin Fond Gueuze Bierpallieters
Possibly some Warpigs bottles?

Also interested in Zenne Solera, OGVs, La Vie Est Belge, Lambic D’Aunis, A&T, 50n4e Armand Seasons, and a few other more limited bottles and can send over a handful of more limited options from my cellar for these.

I can offer the below list for trade, plus any fresh IPAs from Tired Hands (and possibly Tree House or The Veil that release the week before Quintessence):

|Bruery|On Tuesdays, We Brunch|
|Casey|Fruit Stand - Bing Cherry|
|Cigar City|Vanilla Hazelnut Zhukov|
|Cycle|Friday 2017|
|De Garde|Boysenberry Bu|
|De Garde|Kriek Premiere|
|De Garde|Oude Desay|
|Dieu du Ciel|Peche Mortel - Bourbon BA|
|Dieu du Ciel|Solstice d’hiver - Bourbon|
|East End|Gratitude|
|Epic|Big Bad Baptista|
|Epic|Triple Barrel Baptist|
|Evil Twin|Double Barrel Jesus|
|Firestone Walker|14th Anniversary|
|Firestone Walker|16th Anniversary|
|Firestone Walker|17th Anniversary|
|Firestone Walker|18th Anniversary|
|Firestone Walker|19th Anniversary|
|Firestone Walker|20th Anniversary|
|Firestone Walker|Parabola|
|Firestone Walker|Sucaba|
|Fremont|Cinnamon Coffee BBomb|
|Fremont|KDS |
|Fremont|KDS - Coffee|
|Fremont|The Rusty Nail|
|Goose Island|Bourbon County Barleywine|
|Goose Island|Bourbon County Stout|
|Goose Island|Bourbon County Coffee Stout|
|Hill Farmstead|Elaborative 4|
|Hill Farmstead|Anna|
|Hill Farmstead|Arthur|
|Hill Farmstead|Brother Soigne|
|Hill Farmstead|Clara|
|Hill Farmstead|Florence|
|Jackie O’s|BA Black Maple|
|Jackie O’s|Bourbon Barrel Brick Kiln|
|Jackie O’s|Champion Ground|
|Kane|Christian Patrick|
|Kane|Sunday Brunch|
|Midnight Sun|Arctic Devil|
|Midnight Sun|Berserker|
|New Glarus|R&D Bourbon Barrel Bramble Berry|
|Night Shift|Art #18|
|Night Shift|Denali|
|Night Shift|Elbrus|
|Night Shift|Funk’d Blanc|
|Night Shift|Kahlo|
|Night Shift|Mystery Weisse|
|Night Shift|Picasso|
|Night Shift|Reubens|
|Night Shift|Sargent|
|Night Shift|Sheridan|
|Night Shift|Vesuvius|
|Oddside Ales|Rye BA Hipster Brunch|
|Pizza Boy|Bourbon Sunny Side Up|
|Spring House|All Damned In Hell|
|Spring House|BA Blood Lust - Pineapple Upside Down Cake|
|Spring House|Morning Ritual|
|Spring House|Premature Burial|
|Three Floyds|Dark Lord|
|Three Floyds|Dark Lord|
|Tired Hands|Sticky Drippy Crystals|
|Tired Hands|Parageusia 8|
|Tired Hands|Parageusia 9|
|Tired Hands|Individuation: Ilis|
|Tired Hands|Clourison|
|Tired Hands|Coffee Only Void|
|Tired Hands|Exactly, Almost|
|Tired Hands|Freedom From the Known|
|Tired Hands|Oat Potion|
|Tired Hands|Obliterative|
|Tired Hands|Only Void|
|Tired Hands|Ourison|
|Tired Hands|Parageusia47|
|Tired Hands|Pourison|
|Tired Hands|Red Wine Only Void|
|Tired Hands|Roomarak|
|Tired Hands|Strawrison|
|Tired Hands|Undertow|
|Transient|Neckbeard Nectar|
|Troegs|BA Flying Mouflan|
|Troegs|BA Impending Descent|
|Voodoo|Gran Met - 3yr Apple Brandy|
|Westbrook|Mexican Coffee Cake|
|Westbrook|BA Mexican Cake - Willett|
|Westbrook|BA Mexican Cake - Scotch |
|Westbrook|BA Mexican Cake - Port|
|Weyerbacher|Sunday Morning Stout|

I’ve sent you a pm!