IP Copenhagen MBCC 7/5-11/5

Going to stay in Copenhagen for MBCC Monday - Friday. Would be fun if we could set something up.

Freemont Imp stouts and BW

Fresh IPA: Tree House, Trillium, HF, Foam Brewers…

I’m always open for suggestions. So just let me know what you got :slight_smile:

Cantillon Nath
3F A&G 16/17 75cl
3F Kriekenlambik
Lambiek Fabriek Brett-Elle OG 75cl
Omnipollo BA Agamemnon,
Outside the Lines (US)
Outside the Lines (EU)
Tommie Sjef Blanc
Girardin Black Label 75cl 2016
Girardin Black Label 75cl 2017
Mikkeller BA Vanilla Shake #1 Golden Wax
Thomas Hardys Ale -08
Swedish Mead: Svarta Tranan (Black Currant & cranberry) -11/-12

If you searching for some Swedish beer, just tell me, maybe I can get it.