IP MBCC - ISO: BWs / Stouts FT: Lambic

SO: A Deal with De Molen, Hand of Glory, Rye Vanilla Medianoche, Rye Medianoche, HF Aaron, Anabasis B3, B3K and a whole lot of other BWs/Stouts. Would also be interested in meads.

3F - Hommage Bio Frambozen, Golden Blend, Framboos, A&G Magnum
Cantillon - Fou (16,18), Nath (18), Vig (18), 50N B4, D’Aunis, Blåbaer 16 (375)
Tilquin - Pinot Noir B2

Shipping within Europe/IP Stockholm anytime or IP MBCC/TdG(possibly)


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