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ISO: 50°N-4°E (2017)+Bokkereyder FT: Pick 12 (UPDATED)

Hi All,

I’m looking for a 2017 50°N-4°E and a Bokkereyder lambic (geuze or fruited), and am offering up any 12 of the following:

Listermann Ray Rays (Vanilla, German Chocolate Cupcake, Double Chocolate Latte, Fat Elvis, Peach Brandy)
Side Project Black & Wild (b3)
Transient Vanilla Kamigoye
Transient Kamigoye
Listermann BA Imperial Nutcase
Listermann BA Imperial Nutcase Fluff
Listermann XI
Listermann BA Chickow
Listermann Eleven

The Ray Ray set and all of the other Listermann beers are from last month’s Anniversary Party. Domestic preferred, but am open to international. Message me if you’re interested; thanks for looking.

Bump to reflect updated offer.

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