ISO: DB Huna (either batch) FT: Hill Farmstead, other New England stuff

ISO: DB Huna (preferably Batch 2 since it’s lower value, but would certainly do a B1 if it worked out)

FT: Hill Farmstead
Biere de Norma 2018
WoL Cigar City 2015
Arthur Puncheon
CD 19
BA Dorothy 2016 (b1), 2017 (b3 I believe)
Juicy 375ml Dec 2016
Vera Mae Wine Barrel Aged (would have to be part of a batch 1 trade)
Flora Batch 7
Flora Pear

Tree House Hold On to Sunshine
Tree House Human Condition
Tree House Impressionism
Trillium Tiramisu, Vanilla Truffle, Coconut Pecan Pie, Macaroon, Nanaimo, Coffee Cake
SARA Appreciation 2017
FOAM/HoF Pink Dot
Thomas Hardys (various years 1968 and onwards)