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Italy Milan Florence and some stuff in between

My wife and I are going to Italy April 3 to 15. We are flying in to Milan, hitting some cities in Northern Italy… possibly Verona, Ferrara and/or Bologna… and then staying with some friends in Florence. Beer-wise, what are my best options along this very loose itinerary?

Thanks all.

Also, any obscure non-beer related things would be good to know.

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Are you a foodie? It doesnt get much better then the province of Emilia Romagna (Bologna, but also Parma, Modeno, but also any of the smaller towns have something worth your time).

Beerwise there is tons to do in Milan, you probably could stay busy there for a couple weeks. Bologna is good too. Italians are big on craft beer, any kind of city you visit would probably have some places. There are also nice places for Lambic, if you are into that kind of thing.
Bologna is a lovely place sight seeing wise. Milan is Ok, I dont really understand why so many tourists go there, it lacks the certain flair lots of other Italian cities have. Florence is very lovely too in that regard (not sure about beer, but as I said, I am sure there must be something). In Ferrara I only visited the castle, Verona has been a long time since I have been there, so I dont feel like I can comment on those.

Apart from beer, there is obviously a lot of wine in the region, but also not an expert on that :stuck_out_tongue:

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Memorable pizza choices. Forst Premium may be the only beer, but it goes well with pizza.

And there’s always:

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Do a day trip to San Marino. Good country scoop and nice place

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Lambiczoon in Milano is amazing!

Echoing what werckmeister wrote, the food is amazing (home region of Balsamico, Parmigiano, Parma ham etc…)

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The only good thing in Milan is the train to Rome, we use to say :rofl:


Lambiczoon and Lambrate brewpub, best places that I went to in Milan, total quality and both very different.

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In Florence, there’s a couple of places worth a visit. Have a look at Archea, Pint of View and Diorama. All on the south side of the river, away from the tourist groups. Ans of course there is always Brewdog!

Looks like Italy is closed.

“The moose out front should have told you”

Yup, looks like the trip is indefinitely delayed.

My Sicily trip as well pushed back at least a year

Sicily is still OK, there are only a few cases there, it’s the North of Italy where the issue is : http://pti.regione.sicilia.it/portal/page/portal/PIR_PORTALE/PIR_ArchivioLaRegioneInforma/PIR_AggiornamentosituazioneSicilia

Yea well my in laws who planned it threw in towel even though there home state has more cases than Sicily they always are super cautious about everything

well, half an hour ago the whole country of Italy was put on lockdown, not just the north…

Ok just finished updating all the Places…


Saw it, terrible times. We have a holiday booked to Sicily for end of May, it’s a long way off, but no one can predict where this is heading.

Rebooked Sicily for first week August, looking forward to the local micro brews in a few weeks time, not to mention the food !

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Let me know what you find I think we are rebooking for next spring

Sure will do, we are flying to Palermo, one night there, and then staying in the mountains and back to Scopello. Both places we know well. I’ll report back…

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