Lost Country Tick

I apparently lost a country tick. Does anybody know of any database changes in the more obscure beer countries lately? I’m just trying to figure out what it is. Thanks.

Some Greenland beers were aliased to Denmark, I lost Greenland too…


More specifically, I think this one for you:

Thanks! Curious as to why if anyone knows.

There was some sort of mention of it in the Danish forum:

For perfect irony, 69N is brewed here in Estonia.
For double extra irony, this is brewed in the same facility:

And by “irony”, I’m of course talking about the taste, the water at Viru is baaaaad.

We are working on getting beers from a genuin Greenland brewery (Qayak) here in Denmark. They are sometimes available in Aarhus and Copenhagen at “det grønlandske hus”. We will be back.

Please let me know. I’ll be happy to do a trade around it.

Not all 69N’s are brewed in Estonia. Just some.

Yeah, I’m under no misapprehension about Viru being a as much a facility as a brewery.