Mobile App Gone

Got the new iPhone today, restored from backup. Noticed the Ratebeer app was not downloaded. Clicked on the icon and got the error message "Unable to Install “RateBeer Official”. The app is no longer available in the App Store. Go to search for it manually in the Apple App Store and sure enough, gone.

RIP RateBeer.

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Somewhat off topic, but if it’s important to you, there’s a workaround.

Download iMazing. It lets you copy apps that are installed on an old iPhone (but no longer in the App Store) to a new one.


Which is the reason I’ve backed up all my ratings to Untappd and Brewver. I fully expect to come to the site one day and it to have disappeared. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already. I’ve been on here 10 years and quite like using it, and the stats. It’ll be a sad day when it does happen.

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Yeah I need to upload my ratings this as well. The biggest loss if (when?) the site goes will be the people. It is a nice little community and I don’t want to lose touch.


Sadly, I have 6607 ratings here and only 3376 over on Untappd. There’s no way for me to quickly move ratings over, and I’m not paying for Premium to support what this site has become. Guess my only option now is to move the rest of my 3,231 ratings over to Untappd before they are gone too.

I was a big RateBeer supporter when I started in 2007, and loved being a part of the Dallas community but all good things must come to an end it seems.

One interesting thing I found on the premium sales page is an advertisement to get one year free of premium by visiting the feedback page. When you go there however, it only has a list of email addresses. So I emailed all the addresses to see if I can get one year free so I can download my ratings. We’ll see if anyone responds.

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I think you can email Joe and he will just give you premium. There was a thread on this at one point.


You should get a response from Joe pretty quickly. The offer has been in place for a couple of years now.


Nobody has paid for Premium in years, mainly as nobody was ever able. @SHIG and me are able to give Premium to people - I’ve spread it around to a large amount of active people a few months ago, but It seems I have missed you then. Now you have it.

What has it become? Still plenty of folks rating away, supporting the shit out of craft breweries. Some things work great, some things don’t as it’s in development limbo until some things are resolved. Still plenty of folks putting a ton of work to make things easier and better for others, there are still areas in the world where it’s better covered than any other site in terms of database quality, despite everything.

We do recommend backup and upload on another site by all means, but it’s probably not disappearing that soon. Would be sad to lose a long-time user like you.


Also, notified Joe about the iOS app. Let’s see if anything can be done about it.

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can you make my account premium again?

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Sigh… This confirms my fears. :frowning: Also sent Joe a msg so, hopefully, he can suggest a workaround.

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@robertjm Joe responded to me about the app - it’s a priority after the login issue (and something infrastructure-related that needs to be set up so that the login issue can be resolved).


Thank you for premium. I have backed up my ratings and crafted quite the elegant spreadsheet to store in my Drive. I’m glad to know my years of ratings on RateBeer will live on.

As to your second point, I really want to believe you that RateBeer is still running strong, but the mounting problems are concerning.

  • A company letting their app lapse from the app store is concerning.
  • An essential part of the website allowing users to login has not been working for a few months now is concerning.
  • Having an email returned from Mailer Daemon sent to for being undeliverable is concerning.
  • Being informed of the RateBeer best of 2020 when I open the site is concerning…in late 2023.

Forgive me but it really seems like the lights are on in the office but no one is there.

Is there a simple way to backup one’s ratings? I’ve looked around the site, but maybe I missed something… :thinking:

Under My Account, compile my ratings:


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Yeah, we are all aware of all of that and have been for ages. It has all fallen down to Joe basically again, and we have to count on him to sort things out when we can, bills are getting paid, some bumps were already resolved along the way, it’s not fully dead in the water - otherwise it would’ve been literally dead in 2021 cca. The marketing and best of bits are pretty much irrelevant, the latter being admittedly annoying (it’s telling, but it’s been “telling” since 2021 cca, and it’s obviously not a priority fix).

Things are getting fixed, by him or not - for example, the profile issue that existed the forums was fixed a couple of days ago. Everything is just much slower and development has stopped. The site is largely functional still and easy backups are available. It’s not drama and panic-worthy… yet.


That’s not what I see under “My Account” though.

Ah-ha, found it! There’s two "My Account"s on the page… :roll_eyes:


Replying to say that upon receiving a new iPhone for Xmas I had the same app issue as the OP. Hoping to follow the topic and an eventual resolution. Not sure how I find out if I’m a Premium member, but I believe I had received that from Joe a couple of years ago.

You’re now a premium member again.