Mobile App Gone

I’m not sure what being a premium member has to do with anything, but is there any way to get the iPhone app back? I used your app constantly with my old phone, and it’s very disappointing to find that it is no longer available.

I keep on using the app and feed new beers but, just in case, I’d like to have a back-up.
Yet, I have not found the link to do the export. It’s not under My Account. It seems there is another “My account” somewhere but I don’t seem to find it.
Could anyone help?

Made you premium, you should have “Compile my ratings” on the website:

Here, to the right:

Got logged out and struggled to log back in but it finally did work.

Thanks to your link, I was able to save stuff.

Thank you, @marko !


@marko It’s now been six months since you responded to my comment, and not only is the mobile app still missing. But, the login issue hasn’t been resolved. :frowning: I’m beginning to lose faith in RB. Sigh…

As a side note, could you give me Premium too so I can save my 1000+ ratings just in case things go from bad to worse? Would greatly appreciate it.

You’ve already had premium since September. :slight_smile:

Things are unlikely to go from bad to worse, but for whatever reason those who might be able to do something have let things stagnate, maybe for understandable reasons. We will see. I’ve done “my part” and far more than “my part” time and time and time and time and time and time again.