New styles - when and what stats?

So, I’ve looked at the spreadsheet with the final style list - there’s certainly a lot of styles on there, but I’m very happy that it’s been arrived at with democratic input from site users.

My questions are:

  1. When do all the new styles go live?

  2. What level will style stats be done at -column A or column B (I hope it’s not at a less granular level than that). Or (fingers crossed) will it allow us to get stats at multiple levels?

  3. Can we have some reassurance that the style changes won’t impact the different style stats we have - for instance (i) getting styles rated over the last 1/3/6/12 months; (ii) the very useful charts page that allows you to see bar/line graphs of your ratings by style over time; and (iii) the end of year stats page.

Thanks for all the effort that’s gone into this!

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  1. Joe has said Sept 20 so hopefully then (presumably US time?).

  2. Stats will be at Column B, Column A should be found nowhere except the ‘add beer’ page. Hopefully stats will also be made available for Columns C and D but can’t promise anything as it’s not up to me.

  3. No idea, but I don’t think the plan is to overhaul anything apart from the style list itself so none of that should be a problem.

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I didn’t see fruit wine, wtf?


The people voted No to add Fruit Wines at 80% so I didn’t add them. Unless the staff really want it…we never know…

Styles Stats should normally be at A, or B (replacing A if applicable). All other columns should automatically be available like A and B but probably just for personal use at first. Just like the “family styles” that we have right now that nobody probably knew about.

I hope that when it gets implanted, we will get a refresh of those Beer descriptions (without tons of special characters errors) and Top Beers with sorting that works without bugs like those…

(seems a Chrome error only, couldn’t reproduce that on Firefox)

Thank Christ! :grin:

And as for when it goes live, I don’t know how much time it would take for @joet to mae those new tables…but be sure of something, this will mean, a lot of of admin work to put beers in their right styles afterwards…

I just checked the spreadsheet for the first time in a week or so and see it’s changed dramatically, that is a LOT of new styles. I’m probably more excited than I should be about this, I love everything about this!

If joet wants more people to admin this change over I’m happy to help, even if it’s just temporary for this style stuff. I mean I’ll be going through my own rates anyway so I will be submitting hundreds of corrections no doubt (yes, I have nothing better to do with my free time and have no life).


Yea i think many users (including me :D) would be more than happy to help with the managment of changes.

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Thanks for the info on release date, I’m also looking forward to it.

I’m also happy to help out with this, as long as it doesn’t need in depth IT knowledge!

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Am I understanding correctly that when you add a new beer, you add beer style, and then rb displays the “Style (combined name)”?

So for example, if I would add two new beers, a Sahti and a Kveik, I would add these two different options, and later both will be displayed as TRADITIONAL ALE - FARMHOUSE-STYLE, correct?

Wow, that would be elegant. Less error prone for local naming variations and it would make changes or regrouping later much easier with less work.

Keep up the good work!

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Yes. That is the intention.

Cool. Have been looking in the list and discussions every once in a while, but found it difficult to follow. That’s an elegant solution that should make future mergers/trends/splitting up styles easier as well. Kudos!

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Agree with @LazyPyro. As the admins can probably attest, I have sent hundreds of corrections in the past few weeks that would be faster if I had admin privileges/rights/responsibilities.

Am I missing something from earlier discussions but I notice that there is no mention anywhere of Lambic - Unblended?

Also, I could fix my own entry errors!

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Lambic Jonge and Oude are the real terms for Unblended Lambic

I knew someone would tell me that :grinning:

But is the Milkeller lambic hop series (spontacitra etc…) truly yonge or oude or should that be a diff style?

Not seeing the new styles yet, has implementation been moved back?