Next Wetherspoons fest

Don’t think anyone’s posted this yet, but the next Wetherspoons fest list is here (you’ll need to scroll right down to near the bottom of the page for the link to download it):

Runs 27th March-7th April. I think the list is marginally better than the last few, although still a long way off the heady days of the 17 day, 50 beer ones of times gone by.

A huge thanks to whoever added all the new beers and saved me the job! :hugs:

By the start of the fest with a bit of luck we’ll be seeing the beginning of the end for Brexit (no deal rejected and delay in place) and I can think of no better place to celebrate that than Mr Martin’s pubs. (Disclaimer: personal view, nothing to do with site etc… )


Is not including Irish beers in this festival (despite having branches in ROI) part of the anti-EU protest?

I added the beers, beating Untapped to it​:grinning: Funnily I’m sat in a Spoons at this very moment supping an Irish, therefore European beer by Bru Brewery. Sloped up there Herr Martin :v:



But brewed at Caledonian or somewhere?

Not according to the pump clip and they are usually quite open about such things.

It seems that the Bru Pale Ale on in Wetherspoons is to go along with the Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival, hence the Irish connection.


Quite a few for me there. Well over 20 and maybe as many as 25. I’ll have another go at this event I think.

So… will we get the pleasure of one of your cycle tour commentaries this time?

Including the ciders, 32 out of 33 are new to me including all the dark ones, so I’ll definitely pop in at some point.

Like Ian, there are over 20 new beers for me on the list (thanks for posting it @wheresthepath) .

I will pop into my local one once I return to the UK, should be one or two during the last few days of the festival.


Going to be a bit of a comedown after those huge beer lists in California…

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Yeah, but not one of the Californian beers has been ‘cask’ or a proper pint in size.


Yes possibly this Saturday, but then I have a training cycle ride on Sunday so it won’t be a late one.

It’s started. I have already notched up four bland golds. Oddly, the 'Spoons I was in had the 4 weakest ones on, wonder if they’re working their way through in order…

So far…
Fyne Hideaway was poor (2.4)
Adnams Topaz and Purity Bunny were meh (2.8 and 2.9)
Oakham Heights was ok (3.3)
But the surprising standout beer so far has been Wells Eagle Parallax, really enjoyed that, gave it 3.9. I do like Nelson Sauvin!

Anyone else had any yet?

So yes here I am on the train to London for a scoop up of the festival beers.
No Highspeed today as person on the line near St Pancras so wobbling up slowly to London Bridge.
Of the 33 beers and ciders I needed 28
I had 7 the first night
I had 4 last night
So had 11
Need 17
First stop is Crosse Keys Grace church Street in about an hour from now.

Looking forward to the updates from your hunt.

well that took longer than even I thought.
Crosse Keys 9 winners
so by the time I finish here drinking 3x3 thirds I should be down to just 8. 7 beers 1 cider