Norwegian regions

Just starting the ball rolling on Norway here. I think we talked about this somewhere on the main forum, but just wanted to make sure this is right? Five regions?

Northern Norway,
Western Norway,
Southern Norway
Eastern Norway

@solidfunk Do get a beer.
Denmark has 5 regions officially.
Norway has 11 (12 if you count Svalbard).

Møre og Romsdal
Vestfold og Telemark
Troms og Finnmark


Simple as that no more discussion for Norway.


Cheers! Should probably count Svalbard, as it’s not going to end up anywhere else. I wonder, does it even have a brewery though? Not that that matters – Canada still has territories without breweries.

It does.

Svalbard has two breweries, one Norwegian and one Russian.

Svalbard should count as a region. It is an «unincorporated area»
From Wikipedia:
In Norway, Bouvet Island, Jan Mayen, and Svalbard are outside of any of the country’s counties and municipalities. They are ruled directly by national authorities without any local democracy. An exception is the Longyearbyen Community Council, which since 2004 in reality acts partly like a Norwegian municipality. Svalbard has a governor appointed by the government of Norway, ruling the area. Jan Mayen has no population, only radio and weather stations with staff, whose manager has the responsibility for the activities. Bouvet Island has only occasional visitors.

More history:
The Svalbard Treaty of 1920 recognizes Norwegian sovereignty, and Norway’s 1925 Svalbard Act made Svalbard a full part of the Kingdom of Norway. The Treaty also established Svalbard as a free economic zone and a demilitarized zone.

11 regions (fylker) since January 2020. Down from 19. Svalbard is a «special one»

There is no English translation! RB has to use the official Norwegian names, also with the letter «ø» The Norwegian word «og» means «and» But, there is no region called «Møre and Romsdal» or «Vestfold and Telemark»


The merging that made these new counties / regions might be reversed if a local referendum will be held after this autumn’s parliamentary elections. But I won’t bet on it.

I am fully aware of that @Sigmund It might be reversed or it might not.
If we should not do any guessing if they chnage in a year or two that can be divided into more regions, but before that happend we should stick to the official. People screaming and think they shuld be splitted again is just that and remains like that untill it is a fact.
For now the official regions are as listed.


Both a russian and a norwegian brewery at Svarlbard

Are there any shortcuts for postal codes in these regions in Norway btw that will make things easier for admins?

No, the postcodes in Norway only consist of four numbers, and do not confirm with any precision which fylke / region they are in.

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Cool, thanks!

I can provide with a city/region list from my DB for what I got registred if that might be helpfull.
But still much outstanding compared to RB.
That will cover almost 300 Brewery/place city/regions for Norway.

Ser at disse regionene er kommet opp nå, men innholdet er “absolute garbage”. I følge listen har jeg bare 5 norske regioner dekket, mens jeg i virkeligheten selvsagt har hatt alle fylker (og nye regioner, inkl. Svalbard) dekket i årevis. Hva er dette for noe tøys? Er det bare fordelingsprosessen som ikke er ferdig ennå, eller er det noen som har strøket i geografi-timene på ungdomsskolen?

“Tålmodighet er en dyd” heter det visstnok. Det tar nok litt tid før en region blir assosiert med alle norske bryggerier…

Ya there are 17 new countries to split, so things will probably go slowly as admins allocate breweries one by one. Non admins can also do places themselves by editing - I did the 4 new latin american countries myself today and yesterday.

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Du får mase litt på din lokale admin @Bryne så ordner seg sikkert i løpet av noen timer eller dager

But, I do not know how to change all 150 places in Oslo to the new Oslo region. Change one place is easy but how do many at the same time?
This is for places, then we have the brewery section. I guess I have to have a talk with @cunningham and @yngwie. Who are going to do what…

Well, I have started moving Norwegian breweries and cideries to the new regions. Will be done during the day. Places can wait a bit…

It can be done in bulk automatically.

I’ll be sending in Major Cities for Norway, Finland and Sweden to Services to assign so this can be avoided.

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