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Place rating map for the US

When will you get the correct map restored. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to fix this. Super annoying.

You should state the specific bug.

Was raised under this thread:

There was a thread on this that is now greyed out. I am not sure why, because the problem is not fixed. If you go to regions visited and select United States, a map of the United States is displayed along with the count of places rated in each state. Those numbers appear to be correct but the map is not. It is simply a duplicate of the map showing the numbers of beers rated by state. The regional map for places rated used to display properly. Now it does not.

These maps right?

@services. The beers rated map has been mixed up with the places reviewed map. Have you had a chance to look at this?

@joet is services still with us? There are several bugs that need to be fixed.

@services you still with us?

No posts on the forum since 20 April and hasn’t been seen on the site since 12 April. Looks like @services isn’t here any more. That or they are on a very long holiday.

@YantarCoast, great!

Just when things started to happen on the site we’ve lost the Aussie who was sorting everything out.


Looks like we’ve had our fun with the country splits then.

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Yeah, a shame.


So…no one will fix this bug? @joet ?

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Hi and thanks for the feedback. We’re still working out the future right now and where we go from here. Thanks for your patience in the meantime, as this has tied up @services.

With regard to this specific case, what’s the URL that will get me there? I’m having a tough time following the click stream described above.

So is @services still alive?

For me the URL for the US is https://www.ratebeer.com/user/98012/regions-visited/ The map displayed is beers rated rather than places rated.

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Just to note @joet, this issue isn’t just affecting the US map. It’s also affecting the equivalent one for the UK too (and I assume the German and Canadian ones, but I can’t see them as I haven’t rated any places there yet).


Well I’ll be…

Thanks so much for pointing this out.


Ooh, fixed! Brilliant. Many thanks @joet .

Nice to have that back first time I get to see with OH & KY filled in

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