Right now, we have 2 urls for the Place world listings:


right now those pages/links: main site header, City Pages top link, region/state pages top link
redirect us to this page:

and those pages/links: country pages top link
redirect us to this page:

I suggest you use this url because it is more complete and also works better on mobile display so I suggest you standardize it everywhere (until you finally port it the the new layout)

However, this page also have a few bugs that would need to be fixed first:

  1. The region pages doesn’t redirect the correct URL for Canada, England and Germany states:
    for example, clicking on Canada/Alberta redirect us to (empty page) instead of

  2. the Other listed countries should be aligned in columns on mobile display (1-2 max) with standard-sized characters instead of being all stuck in a big blob with different character sizes.

  3. missing the Map button

  4. Missing the link to whole country pages for the 4 countries with regions:


Dream on


Apart from the ‘Other listed countries’ which I’ll look at cleaning up on mobile displays, everything else listed should be fixed on staging.

Can you have a look and provide any other feedback?
If you and anyone else is happy, I can push those changes live.

Services @ RateBeer


The header for each of the drop downs should link to each of those countries…

As mentioned the other listed countries change hasn’t been done yet… I’ll fix the USA states pages to work like the other three.


Have fixed the other countries list, also added the 4 highlighted countries back into that list as well.
USA states page should also be fixed there too.

Check it out and let me know.

Services @ RateBeer


World map: make the default url (mobile view) (desktop)
And MINIMIZE the side panel by default on mobile view otherwise we can’t even see the map.

If we have MOST CHECK-INS, we need to see the number of Check-Ins Somewhere on the Place pages.

rename Top Rated to Top Places Worldwide

standardize the other TOP listings names to TOP BREWERIES, TOP STORES …

Top Places Worldwide, Top Breweries and Top Stores should have their score shown (just like REGIONAL FAVORITES in the region pages)

Missing Top Bars and Top Restaurants


In narrow / mobile view keep listing in columns, not blobs.

Add the Search bar there to be able to search cities from there.

For the 4 current countries with Regions, Add the same Region Bar than the Main page on that page

Make the Major Cities appear in a uniform font like the rest, maybe 1 font bigger, not different formats.

Top Breweries and Top Stores should have their score shown (just like REGIONAL FAVORITES in the region pages)

We only have Top Places overall there, Missing Top Breweries, Top Bars, Top Stores and Top Restaurants for the country.

Missing link for Top beers available in the Country (like the old US state pages)
Missing link for Top users in the Country (like the old US state pages)
Missing link for Top raters for the Country beers (like the old US state pages)
Missing link for Country Breweries Directory (like the old US state pages)


Missing the header shortcuts in mobile view.

Missing the COUNTRY header shortcut between Places and Region

Missing Major Cities listing

in fact, make them look identical than the Country pages (mainly being Sorted in columns with the number of places found there after) with the same options (Search Bar for Cities, Top places/breweries/bars/stores/restaurants)

rename Regional Favorites to Top Places

missing TOP PLACE REVIEWERS like the Country page

missing the Metropolitan Areas city grouping.

Missing link for Top beers available in the Region (like the old US state pages)
Missing link for Top users in the Region (like the old US state pages)
Missing link for Top raters for the Region beers (like the old US state pages)
Missing link for Region Breweries Directory (like the old US state pages)

For US state pages, REMOVE the Top Brewpub link…this page is totally outdated


BUG the header shortcuts to Regions still send us to the old pages (when those pages had Metropolitan Areas) instead of the new ones

BUG the current SORTING option (Show all) doesn’t work for some cities (example: Montreal), it redirects us to the country page instead…

Add SORTING OPTIONS: A-Z / Z-A, Lowest to Highest Score

Add FILTER OPTIONS: Rated Only, Unrated Only

change NOW OUT OF BUSINESS places listing to the same format than the others. right now they look awful…



I’ll have a look on Monday, will need to think about how this should all work. Might even be best to redesign it on the new platform if its going to require more work :slight_smile:

Services @ RateBeer

If you can move it to the new platform without bugs… Go for it

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After more thought

If in the future, more countries get their own regions, we might end up with too much separate Country with their own expandable state list on the main place page…

Unless you can quickly change the layout of the Region Pages to standardize them with the Country pages without being too much work, I think it would be better to get rid of the current REGION PAGES (awful format currently with less options) and instead just treat them as Countries with the name COUNTRY: REGION (ex: CANADA: QUEBEC). This way, they would get all the options from the country pages (country / region bar listing, more complete TOP listings) than are currently missing as well as the correct page format (column alignment, mobile support). at the same time

Went live too quickly, there’s still a few bugs in the current iteration @services


It looks like it was pushed live (not by me though), I’ll see what I can do to fix some of the changes now asap.

Services @ RateBeer

And I’ve fixed the search bar not working, also made things a little more dynamic on the backend so I can look at adding cities in the near future. Formatting is also a bit nicer.

Everything else I’ll fix soon, just wanted to get this one out now that the pages went out live.

Services @ RateBeer

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Way nicer so far. (just don,t forget to change the Place page url to


West Virginia has multiple listings for Charles Town, Parkersburg, Vienna., Barboursville, Huntington, Wheeling, and Shepherdstown.


Hello @weihenweizen,

I’m going to look into how these lists are generated and will remove any multiples soon.
Thanks for letting me know.

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And @Viper666.Qc I’ve fixed a few…

  • Placeholder text is now shorter,
  • Title and buttons should be centred,
  • United States now shouldn’t split when screen res is smaller

Will look into the rest tomorrow. Going to have to pop all of these changes into somewhere better to keep track of them :slight_smile:

Services @ RateBeer

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you forgot to change the URL to reach the Places page from /places/browse/ to /places/ on the website main page header

If you post the changes for the things you fixed in their respective BUG PAGES here:

I’ll keep all the work updated in the bug/enhancement pages live here, like I always do.

Both header and footer on the newer pages were updated as well. Might have been deployed just after you checked though.