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Please Post Here for any PLACE related entry issue which need correction. Admins will take care of it the best they can.
Generally, the admins will provide the LIKE mention when they corrected the issue.

-this is only for issues fixable by content admins - fixing names, adresses, sites, maps etc.
-anything tech-related that we content admins cannot fix shouldn’t be posted here but either messaged to JoeT or discussed elsewhere.
-there will be and are regional boards where local admins fix stuff. if you have one of those, feel free to use that! :slight_smile:
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Thanks! I couldn’t figger out how to get back to the old fora. I sent you a bmail.


There are two entries for BrewDog Brussels: the one everyone uses and this one that someone created for their one review.


Plenty of problems on the UK forum.



Fort Collins Brewery in Fort Collins Colorado is closed.


I posted this at end of old thread but slipped under radar during tranisition

This just needs a little cleanup. here in Orlando there are two breweries that share a taproom

Broken Strings

Black Cauldron

Currently the place listing is named after Broken Strings which is incorrect

The actual name of place is Broken Cauldron a combo of both names and both breweries should be linked to that



They should, but they cannot as the system only allows one brewery to be linked to a place.

I really do hope that the devs realize that we should allow for multiple brewers to be listed for a beer and linked to a place as this current solution does not mirror reality. Not holding my breath for that but hey, who knows, it’s not as if it’s the first time that need was stated.


oh never seen that before. But i like that and matches the spirit of cooperation often seen in the beer world

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Yep, totally agree. I mentioned the exact same thing recently but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears sadly. And for beers I feel it’s even more useful as there are so many collaborations being made these days. Yet you can’t even see collaborations from a brewery’s page unless they were the ones who actually brewed it.


Yea in Brooklyn there is a similar situation. The place listing is below and then they associated only one of the brewers

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  1. website link contains malware, and in any case is a dupe of so they should be merged into the latter which is safe

  2. is a dupe of and should be merged

  3. website link should probably be updated to

  4. you can add their Facebook page:

1 Like and appear to be the same place, the latter looks to be the correctly named one.

Also yet another dupe of Mooibier. or - not sure which is correct so a Dutch admin should sort this one out.

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Actually that House of Goods is the physical store, and the is the online store - I’m okay with them being separate.


Fair enough. Is that normal practice with places though? It was briefly mentioned in my bottleshop thread because the majority of breweries’ own webshops don’t have a place set up for them, instead we seem to use their taproom place if it’s on RB. Similar with bottleshops, if they’re also online we just use the same place. I don’t know of any with separate entries. If they should be separate then we have a LOT of new places to add!

I kind of agree about them being separate though. You can get very different service and selection sometimes when comparing physical shops with online ones.

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In my opinion they should be separate for those very reasons.

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also, yeah, that mooibier is strange. two addresses, both legit-seeming, and their site doesn’t help. @caesar , wanna take a look?

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Yeah I was looking on the site too, with Google Translate as I don’t speak Dutch, no addresses are listed anywhere which is strange. Curiously there was a third entry earlier too which has now been deleted. Not sure why so many were added with almost identical titles. They all show up in searches just fine

Pure guessing here but I reckon will be the real one, simply because of the suspicious review made by a user with the same name as the shop itself, I mean you’d think they know where they work. That said, they’ve not marked themselves as affiliated. But yeah hopefully someone who’s actually Dutch can figure it out. Also possible they have two locations, or have moved to the address at the newer entry.

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Havent checked the Dutch places for a while to be honest. Thanks for the catch! Its just an online shop, but probably one of the adresses is his home address, the other his warehouse. Removed the one with his own rating :slight_smile:

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Their website moved to
Their website says the shop is temporarily closed but will return soon. Their last update on Facebook was back in 2013. I suspect the shop is out of business if they still haven’t reopened after 4 years. Can a Romanian confirm?

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