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Is the admin forum gone? Where is my edit brewery button? Can still edit beers but no longer breweries???

they are there (less useful for now, but there), strange you don’t see them. :confused:

@joet can you please check our Austrian admin’s permissions and let him edit breweries and see the forums. :smiley:

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This place:
It’s certainly not here - where the pin is at the big map:
This is all that is where the needle points:

No traces of a brewpub or anything remotely close - going back in the city:
…and no traces anywhere else here - so no brewpub in this little town right on the border to Azerbaijan.

Tried then to find the right location - and it seems that the municipality is called Lagodekhi too, and the brewery is here:
Other sources:

Didn’t have time to check it out :frowning: - but just want to spare others for the disappointment looking for a brewpub there - basically in the middle of nowhere…


It’s okay: it looks like you can get their beer all over the place.

Thanks for correcting this, you did a great job researching this. :slight_smile: Fixed in any case.

Shame you didn’t manage to visit it. :frowning: This is precisely why I made this thread!


Could you please delete these two prime examples of misplaced advertisement


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Hello, several months ago, I registered mistakely twice the same place “La Cave à Flo”, city : Cesson-Sévigné, France. There was a problem with special characters of the city, I guess. On the City page/France, there are now two cities. First, I tried to delete one of the two but my rating was deleted… Can you help me ? The right spelling is : “Cesson-Sévigné”. Thank you.


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There are two incorrect place entries for Full Moon Cafe and Full Moon Brewery in Mateo, NC. There never was a separate brewery “place”. The cafe is a brewpub and is now called Lost Colony Cafe and Brewery. See http://lostcolonybrewery.com

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Whew, there was some more work here to be done, but handled it. :slight_smile:

Strange they never list their new Stumpy Point brewery address.

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Stumpy Point? Next to the landfill?

I still would like to see a block for affiliated user(s) so they can’t review their own place - it should be common sense, but it seems all too common - this is just an example:

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Ah, yeah… something to be told to the devs. Till then, feel free to report those to us and we’ll clean things up.

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Places Atlantis found in Gulf of Guinea


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Yup, we are aware of that and go through the list now and then, but it’s repopulated endlessly.

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Still towns with special letters are fucked up. You can this see place on map (probably) but not in the listings:


Places -> Sweden -> Umeå leads to: https://www.ratebeer.com/Places/FindPlacesByCity.asp?CountryID=190&City=umea

But there is no Hundra there.

is appreantly same page but with path Places -> Sweden -> Umea shown.

(And Umeå is not Umea, Umeo sounds much better).

(BTW these work well in Untappd)


I see it on the list. All it took was editing it. Must’ve happened during the “everything is fucked up” period.

å is everywhere apart in the “Umea Beer Guide” title on the page - which, I think, takes the spelling from the URL by force.

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Couple of random fixes…

https://www.ratebeer.com/p/paul-ulrich-ag-zurich/71426/ there is a typo in the name, should be 2 L’s in Ullrich (see website to verify)

https://www.ratebeer.com/p/cerveja-lince-lisbon/74493/ The city has been anglicised as “Lisbon” when all other places in this city are in the native Portuguese as “Lisboa”, so it should be changed to Lisboa so it’s listed along with all the other places there.


Done. Fixed the map for Lince.

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Thanks Marko. I can see it now too. But I am too scary to rate any places anymore :slight_smile:

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Not realy an issue, but the place just closed down this week (they have posted on Facebook). So can you please make it so? Thank you!


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