PLACES: Issues Reporting - Please Post Here for modifications

Just spotted a perfect example of why people should edit places. Just booked an Air BnB so am setting up my Conwy google maps list. Great Orme brewery have moved. Someone has reviewed the new location but under the old location, mentioning that they are reviewing a different location. FFS. Close it and add the new location. Now closed by me.


3 types of people who use the site when it comes to places:

Hardcore - see an issue and fix it (mostly admins + some regular users)
Triers - see an issue and report it (scared to fix it due to limited IT confidence / fear of backlash)
Dweebs - see an issue and totally ignore it, couldn’t give a :poop:

Ain’t unique to this site, and that breakdown can be attributed to many things in life!


I’m the hardcore dude :sunglasses:


:sigh: if I had a dime for all of those… Thanks man! :smiley: Followed through, added the new place entry and moved a rating. 30 seconds work…

Of course, I was then a hypocrite and didn’t add the new place :smiley:

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Found the other tread about - issue of adding places.

Trying to add a place and can’t, getting robot. Lark Brewing Co.


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Cloned to place, add missing details if you wish:

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Thanks @marko , hope all is well.

Is place rating not working at all any more? Tried yesterday and today, got the robot. I am attempting to add the 2 locations of Five Dimes - Westwood and Red Bank - NJ.

Anybody having issues, or just me?

It’s a common issue

See this thread for details on how to get places added

Ah, thanks. I figured it was a global issue, like everything else. I did search for a thread, but since forums searches also barely work I didn’t find this one.


All admins are still able to add places, as they are able to work around the issue. Not ideal, but hey, Joe’s aware.

Five Dimes - Westwood

Five Dimes - Red Bank