Poll - Southeast Regional Forum

Some of us are missing the Southeast forum as those of us from Florida, Georgia, etc. don’t really fall into Mid-Atlantic. So Southeasterners, we need 10 votes to get one, apparently!

Would you like a SE forum?

  • Yes!
  • No

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Ok. Im voting on this one, as ive used the Florida one what ever it was called twice before. When ive traveled. and i will again.

Definitly want somewhere im more likly to be seen by the local crowd there and this seems better than nothing :slight_smile:

plus where they gonna talk about their college football!!!

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I think before it was called Southern States or something weird like that. It wasn’t super busy but it was used, even by traveling folks like yourself!

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I do think we dont want lots of little ones
Like London only, or Orlando Only
and if florida isnt seeing enough on its own then no florida
But every Region of the US should be “clearly” covered by what ever sub groups we have

well thats my thoughts at least

I asked for our Tennessee one back; we used it all the time. Maybe we’ll have to go back to the old tactic of taking over an unused one.

Voted, as wife’s family is from Tampa area and we typically visit annually.

Only if the forum is called “SEC Country” and we can use it to have a college football thread.

Let me kick that off with my enthusiasm for Georgia’s loss last Saturday. THWG! Also, this GT alum and fan would like to veto this horrible idea. I will happily troll any SEC forum.

Hey, we made it!



@joet Hook it up!




Can we get this going? Looking for either the Tennessee forum back or a Southeast or Southern US forum?

Agree. This needs to be completed in accordance with what was promised for new regional forums. @services @joet

Crickets…would anyone with any authority be able to answer on this? I mean there aren’t a lot of us statistically here, but the ones who are active are quite active.

It would have been awesome to have been able to fill people in w/r/t CBC this year which was in Nashville. Or have a contact person in Atlanta or Birmingham. Or be able to talk TN beer with the Knoxville and Chattanooga crews. Being spread out makes it harder to keep up with other breweries in the state and it’s always nice to see surrounding states as well.

Honestly the minimum that should be done is a Southeast forum that should have been created yesterday. I understand asking for a TN forum might be unrealistic. I don’t know…those of us still here and actively adding beers need some sort of a forum jump off. It’s annoying to have to go to beer advocate to see what is going on regionally.

Just my 2 cents.


I can put this together. No problem. (Sorry, I was on vacation last week!)
What’s the preferred name?

  • Tennessee
  • Southeast US
  • Southern US

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I’d like Southeast since I want to post Florida stuff.

Thanks joet for getting the ball rolling on this.

Southeast is probably the the best label for the forum. More state specific or event specific threads can be created later within the Southeast US forum.


I suggested something similar for Canada recently.
Currently, we have Western Canada and Quebec.

We should also have Eastern Canada (the 4 provinces East of Quebec) as well as an Ontario forum (with the Grand Toronto Area, it should be like Quebec, a separate forum from Western Canada)