Pork Pies in Pubs

Got to be the best ‘pub lunch’ in the world. A proper, decent Pork Pie and a pint of well looked after cask ‘Best Bitter’.

Anyone want to disagree?



Negative, pizza or transitional kebab between places.

well ignoring the blatantly wrong choice of bevarage… :wink:

for me it depends. If I’m on the sours gimme a cheese board. If I’m on a session gimme summat stodgy like pie chips & peas (with gravy obvs), and a kebab at the end.

Germans do the stodge well

Love a Schweinshaxe with dumplings … always best with dumplings for the stodge factor

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yep. similarly the Poles. Pierogi, loads of potatoes, meat kotlets, zapiekanka, it’s all good soakage

I’ll disagree, pork pies are absolutely disgusting, rock hard pastry with that jelly and that so called meat inside. Never understood why British people like them so much. Food in this country has certainly improved in recent years but we are still way behind a lot of other countries. I’m more than happy with our beer these days though.

Aye, difficult to beat a pork pie and a pint - but what condiment to have? Many say mustard, but they are wrong (IMO, obvs), has to be brown sauce (HP) or, if you’re feeling a little bit posh, some pickle (Branston, not Crosse & Blackwell)

i actually like the pastry, and the meat in a good one is decent, but yeah what is with that rancid jelly? absolutely no need

Never liked the jelly … tend to pick it out

Like a quality pork pie and happy to pay the price for that … no pointing wasting calories on a beige super market offering

Mustard is my preference to run with a pork pie

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Best pork pie in a pub - Crown & Kettle, Manchester. I had a Stilton one and my mate had a black pudding one. Both were lovely.

Most disappointing - Mother Kelly’s. Although that was more due to the substandard piccalilli.

The Crow here has them from local outfit Kevin’s Handmade Pies. Choices include stilton, black pudding, and my personal favourite the poacher’s pie with pork, chicken, summat else and stuffing

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Of the high end pork pies I’ve encountered over the years I’ve always enjoyed a black pudding version with say 25% BP / 75% trad pork pie.

I can remember organising a mini-bus load of Australians on a pub crawl around Ironbridge (they were on a two week course I was running at RAF Cosford).

One or two claimed they were hungry, so I suggested they had a Pork Pie. They were horrified to find we ate them cold. I can still hear their ‘upward inflection’ way of speaking and then both of them saying “You eat it cold?”


Of course, they would also eat it in a roll/bap/con/whatever they call them there.

Feeling homesick Jeremy?

I do agree. For me, the sign of a decent pub is the availability of pork pies, and at least one regular tucking in to one with a dollop of mustard.

I once reviewed the Craven Arms, Birmingham for this very website, mentioning that it seemed an unwritten rule to order a pork pie with your pint such was the amount of the people munching on them on my visit. The owner took offence, and mentioned it every time I went back. And sent me private messages. So I deleted it.

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A well made pork pie is the best “value for money” pub grub you can get. And Colman’s English Mustard is a must!

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Yes, pork pie is my snack of choice accompanied by English mustard or even Branston Pickle. Man up and eat your jelly boys, it’s the best part.

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Mind you sometimes it’s hard to choose between the Pork Pie or a pickled egg, often can’t decide and double up.

For me it’s the pork pie vs scotch egg conundrum. There are two very good producers of both here in Shropshire. When the two are pitted together in a pub fridge it can be a painful decision to leave one behind.


The problem with Scotch Eggs is that they are either superb, White Lion Inn, Bridgnorth comes to mind, or downright disgusting, most supermarket versions for instance. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground, but I do understand the conundrum.