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Questions: If ratebeer could add one MAJOR feature set, or change the site in some MAJOR way in order to modernize, improve itself? FINAL ANSWER: BUG FREE, STREAMLINED TO NEW DESIGN

Thank you!

Questions: (1) If ratebeer could add one MAJOR feature set, or change the site in some MAJOR way in order to modernize, improve itself?


  • Feed based: with an infinitely scrolling home page of recent activities and photos, notifications of latest releases, of recommendations to beer offers online and new beers on tap near you, brewer activity by brewers you follow,
  • More picture based: larger, better quality images, more images for each place, brewer, beer, user, and with tagging of people, brewers, places in photos
  • More Place-based: better place functions, better mapping, check-ins, what’s on tap, offline maps,
  • Social-integration: better integrate with
  • Local Experts: get the latest ratings, suggestions, from people in your area or for places to where you plan to travel. Highlight local expert in your local feed and in Places section

This should have been done with the main page a long time ago instead of having a static main page like we have right now (and not updated …still best 2018?). MY LOCAL, NEW RELEASES and FEED pages are the only things I take a look constantly apart from my own (still outdated) PROFILE pages

UT is there for this. The only thing you can really do is finally have 2 image set for the place pages like it was intended to 2 years ago… (brewer logo + background place picture in the Place pages)

This is probably what could have saved the website if it has been updated a few years ago. Many ideas were introduced and debated, checks the posts in the feedback section.

Again, this should be part of a complete Feed-Main ratebeer page experience. But probably not the main thing to update since we are so few right now…

But as always, we would prefer that you fix what’s broken first and that you port old pages to new format everywhere on the site before adding new features…please!


Why dont you start by fixing all incorect calculations and presantations on the site before you add more bugs?


More countries split by regions. People have been asking for this for years.


I don’t think it’d add more folks but would make some of us happy Who are here. to have more maps with a few more countries broken into “states”


You got in right before me

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As many have echoed for years now, if you could do one thing, it’s fix the many bugs, dysfunctionalities, and inconsistencies on the website that have persisted for years – which is what has largely been responsible for the many departures of ratebeerians and will doubtless cause more to leave. Please do not add more features before fixing the persisting problems.


Also, we are the local experts. I hope by local experts he means us…

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I can only comment as a non-premium member that joined just over 2 months ago and therefore don’t really know the history.

The site is like a maze, and every other day I notice a link that is broken, is for premium members despite not being marked with a ‘P’, and other times I find some interesting stats I’m allowed to view. Its marvellously chaotic but not necessary user friendly. Therefore I think any major project should be in a general tidy up before new features are added.

Also I think you need to sell the premium membership better. I’m a bit of a stat nerd particularly in how I compare to others but at just 150 reviews what incentive do I have to upgrade when there are some reasonable lists I can already access, particularly with user beer ratings over 100 viewable? There maybe be good reasons but I’m not getting that from the list of benefits.

On a positive note this site is about rating beers properly with the use of words and therefore is far superior to Untapped. Even the piss-take reviews are comedy gold you cant get elsewhere. I therefore already feel I have a vested interest in helping to keep this site going.


Please, please, please don’t do anything major/significant without running a separate beta site so the main site is not fooked up.


If I had to choose this would be the one. In some parts of the world RB is still relevant when it comes to places.


Of all those things, seeing tap lists / availability would be the most useful to me. Mapping might also be cool (post pandemic anyway…) especially better filters/customization/searching options on map.

Everything on that list is optional to me vs. making the existing stuff work properly. (e.g. Site still frequently logs me out when I’m trying to admin or access my own page.)

“Feed” - honestly i hate this. I’d much prefer being able to click on a specific friend and see what they are up to vs. a scrolling list of “stuff”. Most peoples feeds will be so full it becomes useless (IMHO). On Untappd I barely look at that feed for exactly this reason. If you are friends with more than like 3 prodigious raters it’s too much to keep up with.

Latest releases / tap lists - how are these being updated? We don’t currently have a user base that is sufficient to update these based on ratings entered. Would tap lists come directly from venues?


Have 150 friends on untappd, some heavy tickers and have no problem following the feed. However it can get quite busy from time to time. Maybe being able to group rates from a friend in last x hours? And being able expand them like some kind of list if you please. Maybe that would work.

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My current perception is that can releases are so rapid no one can keep up. At best brewers are using facebook. Good luck with that mishmosh. Tasting rooms/brewpubs are either using something that works well, like untappd, or doing their own thing - which may or may not be timely. Restaurant/bars seem to have varying ways of mixing up their menus in awkward ways. An universal field theory seems out of reach in this area.

I think giving urls to taplist pages, and asking regional admins to update links every so often is the best way to go. Or letting users update the links.

I suppose it would be more fair to say that it’s not that I can’t keep up with it so much as I don’t want to. :grinning: Your grouping suggestion is a good one.

If we give urls to taplist pages, we put in a lot of links to untappd.

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Wouldn’t that be the “responsibility” of the place rather than ratebeer?

Very few places update their information on ratebeer, almost none. I have updated hundreds of beer menus for places. I didn’t care if it was an untappd link, beer menu link, taphunter link, or other link. Really the only thing I cared about is if the taplist was relatively up to date because if I am thinking about going some where, it might determine where I go based on the tap list.

I have already been doing this. There are a bunch of tap list links from untappd for places that have up to date tap lists, so we know what a place has on tap. I don’t limit to untappd however I put any mostly update tap lists under the beer menu for the place.

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This would have to be updated on user base… Brewers will never switch from the fully functional and popular UNTAPPD Tap list

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