Raid over Rotterdam - pubcrawl

Fellow Ratebeerians in and around the Netherlands… Inspired by last years Amsterdam efforts by @Borresteijn I would like to suggest a pubcrawl in Rotterdam, to visit grounds that have not been visited before and to drink and share loads of ticks, hopefully. I’m not super familiar in Rotterdam so for me there’s a lot of places I’ve never been to and that became obvious again when I was pointed to this article with some top 10 places to beer in Rotterdam, of which I’ve only been to 2, and there’s more. I wouldn’t mind doing preparing work, we can poll for places to visit and place to have dinner, I’ll make an efficient route plan and do the final dinner reservation, but first I would like to know if this whole idea sounds good to enough of you.

So in short:

  • Spending a saturday afternoon + dinner + evening in Rotterdam (or pick a part of the tour)
  • Popping into as many different (relevant) bars -and maybe a few shops- as possible
  • Foodstop at a beer place
  • Goal date in the near future (late november <> januari) on a saturday (we’ll do a poll)


  • Good question. I’m bored at work and this seems like a nice distraction.


  • Yes - Sounds like fun! Continue to Step 2 >
  • Hmm - Not really interested but knowing myself I’ll probably show up anyways for at least part of the thing.
  • No - I’m sad and self-loathing :frowning: leave me alone!

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Great idea! I dont have many saturdays that I’m able to join, so dont count on me to actually make it. But I’ll try. :slight_smile:

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We can also look into other options, just thought saturdays would be easiest

Ik ben voor. December is helaas helemaal vol, maar wellicht kan ik erbij zijn als het januari wordt.

Same here. Lots of busy weekends but who knows. Great idea.

Yeah my timing is probably not great with all the holidays coming up but if everyone agrees it’ll be januari or even later, just wanted to throw the ball up now to get things going…

I think January and Februari are relatively quiet months for people?

But hey, if there’s a lot of enthusiasm, we can always sort out some day. Datumprikkertje

Rotterdam is nog onbekend gebied voor me, dus ik heb wel interesse… mooie optie 3 trouwens

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Haha thanks @77ships for chipping in on option 3

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klinkt goed, is één van de plekken waar ik niet regelmatig kom :wink:

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I was tempted too…


Heb er wel zin in. Kijken hoe het qua tijd past.

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Very nice idea! There’s a bunch of nice places I need to visit there!

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Goed plan! Januari of februari komt mij ook beter uit dan dit jaar.

A little update: offcourse theres way too many places to visit, I made same routes in Google MyMaps but they are still ridiculous (we’re never gonna be able to visit 23 places in one day) so @Maakun has volunteered to join me on a pre-visit, to see what places will be fun to visit with a larger group. (Gots to be enough ticks on tap amirite?) We’ll hopefully do this somewhere in december and then plan a reasonable route for this pubcrawl. Keep ya posted, cheers!

This is one of the reasons ratebeer is so much better than untappd.


Hi folks! Update time! You may have noticed me & Maakun in your timeline yesterday as we pre-raided Rotterdam to check out some of the places that were on the list for Rotterdam. We found out that many places are nice pubs, but not necessarily interesting for a dedicated craftbeer crowd. Most bars we visited, even those with 20 taps, had a pretty standard selection of pilseners, Belgian ales and whatnot. So I’m reconsidering the plan a bit and try to focus on the breweries and brewpubs.
Logistically there’s 3 isolated area’s of interest and some limiting opening hours. Here’s the current plan, please comment!

12.00-14.00 - Kaapse brouwers (open 12.00-23.00) (29 taps + bottleshop + cidercider shop)
14.00-14.35 - Walk + Metro
14.35-16.00 - Brouwerij Noordt (open 14.00-18.00) (20 taps)
16.00-16.15 - Walk
16.15-17.00 - Eurotrash United (open 15.00-0.00) (21 taps)
17.00-17.17 - Tram
17.17-19.00 - Kaapse Maria (open 12.00-01.00) (24 taps + foodpairing) *** DINNER ***
19.00-19.25 - Short after dinner walk + Housebeer @ Sijf (10.00-02.00)
19.25-20.30 - Kraftbar (open 12.00 - 04.00) (22 taps / 60 bottles)
20.30-20.45 - Tram
20.45-21.45 - Stadsbrouwerij De Pelgrim (open 12.00-0.00) (6 taps + 7 bottles)
End of tour, find a way home.

Happy new year! Hope to see you in january/february for this tour!


this is actually very useful for me when I’m in the Netherlands in two weeks. Can’t join you on your crawl, though.


Ik heb nou al hoofdpijn…

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Ik heb nou al zin. Mooi van 10-12 in de trein alvast 5 tickjes doen en hoppa. Maja, het zal er wel niet in zitten vrees ik. Zunt!

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