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Ratebeerians of the year 2018


Are we having those for 2018 too? I did a forum search and for 2017 nominations were announced on December 2017 and while we are a couple of weeks in 2019 I haven’t seen a thread about 2018.
Calling @blipp who started the thread last year or anyone else with time on their hands actually, @LazyPyro maybe since he’s so active.

Anyway, I’d like to nominate @joet and @services for Troll of the Year award and Adam Jackson for Public Enema No1 award for repeatably admitting of drinking and driving.



Ratebeerians of the year is dead. Secret Santa is mostly dead. Free Beer Week is mostly dead. I’m sure there are more.

Edit: I deleted a rather salty comment. But @joet we’re in crisis.


I’d like to nominate myself for “fiulijn of the year”


Appreciate the thought but I think something like this is better in the hands of someone who’s been around a bit longer than I have and knows the overall community better. Sure I’m active but I don’t really know many people here, especially not outside of the UK forum.

And yeah what Drake said. I’ve only been around a bit over 3 years and even I can see the overall health of the community isn’t great right now, certainly in decline from what it has been in the past. People aren’t happy. Let’s hope upcoming changes improve morale.


Yeah I did this for a few years… @AdamChandler did it before me and @gt did it before him. completely community generated, like many of the things around here. So if anyone wants it to continue, someone from the community will have to step up and do it. I don’t plan on running it this year.


Add in Summer and Winter Gatherings (at least in the US) to the list of the deceased.


I’ll promise to run it if everyone promises to ignore it and not vote. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I’ll host this year’s summer gathering but please don’t come.


I nominate @AdamChandler for this


I nominate @blipp for @AdamChandler of the year.


I nominate


whoa man, my sisters use this site. I was talking about waistline. Biggest beer girth wins.


Yep. @joet


Stop tagging @joet !
I need him to reply to the other thread and we shouldn’t distract him by tagging @joet in these worthless threads!
Did I spell @joet correctly?






I would like to vote this year, what are we voting for?



I nominate the complete ZX Ventures team. Well done and thanks a lot. (Actually that was 2017, but by then I didn’t know …)


I’d vote 1989 instead, great year for music.

We can still vote that event organizer from Australia who forgot to organize the event though; that was barely a few months ago.
Here, if you have missed that. I also suggest checking Josh’s reply.


The brexit. And the Netherlands substituting England in the Ashes :wink:


Doge of the year?