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Rbbwg 2019 - 23/02/2019!

Date SET: 23/2/2019

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@tderoeck @Benzai @sebletitje, @JefVerstraete, @JorisPPattyn, @Martinus, @Bierridder_S, @Alengrin, @yespr, @77ships … Others?

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I checked with Ben he is down with hosting this again at Beerlovers. He said any date the bar is open is good for him.

@JorisPPattyn @nathanvc @kermis


Great! I’ve put in my vote for dates


I have a work related trip coming up in jan or feb, in cases it works out with your selected date, I might swing by /Jesper

I’ll check the doodle asap

Goed plan! :slight_smile:

Since I become father within a few weeks I’ll have to see if I can manage to attend on one of these dates.


Congrats man! Great news!

@ElManana Wanneer eindigt de doodle? Ik zit met een weekendje met de familie dat ik moet plannen en ik wil natuurlijk proberen het niet samen te laten vallen.

Laat ons stellen, donderdagavond? Ik verwacht niet veel ingaves meer. Zou kunnen dat ik uiteindelijk ook nog 23 niet kan.

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23rd of February it is! Zou kunnen dat ik die avond vroeger weg moet! Maar dat is de winnaar.

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Voor mij ook onder voorbehoud de 23e februari, maar zou er wel graag eens bij zijn!
Maakt er iemand een Drive-bestand voor de bieren? :smiley:

So you guys can mark your agendas:

@tderoeck @Benzai @sebletitje, @JefVerstraete, @JorisPPattyn, @Martinus, @Bierridder_S, @Alengrin, @yespr, @77ships

Can’t make it, just getting back the 27th, but enjoy it and it’s on my bday !!!

@77ships can you check with Ben to make sure he’s ok with the date?

@ElManana I have already sent him a message – waiting for a reply if not will ask in person. There are alternative locations so this can definitely happen in Antwerp (few people including me are willing to host this at their apartment.

@kraddel is very likely to attend he told me, he told me he wasn’t 100 % certain so he wasn’t going to put down his name on the list.

David (Wicked) & Female Dylan (zwissmiss) active on Untappd are also likely to attend depending where they will be, I will give them the Google Doc link.

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Too bad till next time.

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