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Just thought I’d start a thread where people can post availability of beers within the UK for normally hard to get regions.

I’d like to start with this one: https://www.beersofeurope.co.uk/beer/country/switzerland/locher-appenzeller-amber which is an Appenzell Innerrhoden, Switzerland tick.

It must be hard to get because even @BlackHaddock doesn’t have it ticked!


Cool, next Beers of Europe order from me will will have that in my selection (if it’s still available of course).



Picked up a Hawke’s Bay (NZ) region tick from Beers of Europe last month.

There were a few of them, all ciders. Cidery is called Three Wise Birds. Don’t know if they’re still available.

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@dragnet101 Looking at my Swiss rates I note that I’ve only had 8 beers from the country, but from 7 different regions.

I have ordered 7 beers from the brewery you kindly highlighted, so my Swiss total will ride to 15 from 8 regions. That will push me to 321 different regions around the RateBeer World but will not be enough to get me onto the leader board.



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Does anyone know if there are any Russian shops near their Embassy in London? Or any other grouping of stores near Embassies anywhere in the UK?

I ask this because I stumbled across the Polish Embassy while in London once and picked up a few ticks from the Polish stores that have been set up near their Embassy.

Belgrave Square must be worth a visit!



When you add a new brewery, how do you get it to then count for the region? I added Armagh Brewery and ticked a beer but it isn’t counting.

The County was missed off. No ‘County Armagh’ in the details for the brewery.


Thanks, will ask for correction


I’ve added the county so it should be counting as a region for you now.

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Beermoth had the following Futtle beer if you still need Fife (Scotland) - got mine in their Manchester shop but it’s also in their online store:


@BlackHaddock you’re close to top 50 but guess with so many ticked its hard to pick up new regions without visiting countries.

I’m making steady progress. Now up to 190 regions with that Swiss beer although I probably should be looking closer to home and getting Rutland and Isle of Wight ticked off first!


@dragnet101 I am going to Berlin in October and will visit Protokoll for the first time, it has draft and bottled Russian beers. Protokoll Berlin - great craft beer spot, 24 on tap and many more in bottles!

I hope to add a few Oblasts to my list, which should get me onto the leader board.


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They only have beers from St. Petersburg (AF Brew) and the Moscow Oblast (Zagovor). Doesn’t look like any new Russian region ticks for you.

There are quite a few Russian grocery stores in Berlin, something like 20. That would be a better bet.


I noticed they had this too.

Big Village Brewery

Krasnodar, Краснодарский край

I was hoping they’d have some different breweries on when I get there, I’ve never had a draft Russian beer that I know of, so anything will be new to me, even if I don’t get a new region rate.

We are travelling ‘light’ so can’t bring anything home with me, but might seek out some Russian bottles if Protokoll let me down. Thanks for the info @YantarCoast .



On Monday while walking through Birmingham’s Great Western Arcade I spotted a shop with a handful of bottles, got lucky and walked away with my first Isle of Wight beer - that garlic one which actually wasn’t too bad having tried it. Pricey at £4.50 though for what it is.


Not worth adding the to the database as they just do 6 Hobsons and the 1 garlic beer but I’ve added the link in case its useful to anyone.

Addddddd it… Garlic, c’mon.

You should 100% add this to the database.

It’s already added, the first rating for it was in 2011:

Sorry poor wording on my part. I meant not adding Anderson & Hill as a place due to only stocking 7 different beers.

Ah I see… fair enough!

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