Anybody know of a neighborhood pub (that might have only 1 or 2 craft beers) that scores high on ambiance?

I quite enjoyed Pasteur Street (the original, on Pasteur Street) when I was in Saigon. Cosy and dimly lit with no blaringly loud music or anything like some other places. Good selection of beer too so theres definitely something for all tastes

I seriously doubt that you’re going to find any proper craft beer in Saigon… I certainly didn’t manage that trick when I was down there almost 10 years ago. Besides, you can have craft beer anywhere, but while you’re in Saigon, you really should spend an evening getting pissed on dirt cheap Bia Saigon and Tiger at one of those small local places where you sit out in the street on those tiny, ridiculous plastic chairs. It’s the authentic Vietnamese beer drinking experience, can be quite fun in a group. Go down to the backpacker district if you have to, you’ll meet people in no time.

One of NZ’s importers recently got in a big shipment of Vietnamese craft for their annual festival, so I feel it’s important to say that Vietnam does actually produce some superb craft beer. Pasteur Street in particular are a legitimately fantastic brewery by any global standards. Also had some good beers from East West Brewing and heard very good things about Heart of Darkness.

Dismissing any countries beer scene based on a trip 10 years ago seems incredibly unfair, given that craft beer is such a recent trend in most of Asia.

Well, I guess the times they are a-changing.

So was the name of the city. I can’t believe no one’s mentioned it yet. Sigh.

Saigon’s craft beer scene started in 2014

Basing things off your 10 year old trip is unfair. Even in Australia there was no mainstream craft beer at that time