Search Bar not working from Forum

When typing something in the search bar and then launching the query while on the forum, it does not work. Experienced with Google Chrome

It works fine from homepage, anyway

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Same issue for me in Firefox. I also am finding it works fine from non-forum pages.

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Same problem here since yesterday.

Not working for me either. I’m using Safari on an iPhone.

same here

FYI, now it works again to me

Still doesn’t work in Safari :frowning:

Yeah, this still doesn’t work for me and never has.

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@services : This remains a pretty big issue. One update, after complaints, fixes it and the next one breaks it again - each and every time.

Please fix it and make a note to test if it works before pushing a new site update live - it’s getting ridiculous like this.

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Yeah never worked, you always have to click on the RB logo to go back to the main site to use the search bar…

I gave up on this so long ago I always just click back to the homepage, or more often if I’m at a computer, click my toolbar bookmark back to regular RB. I basically treat the forums and regular site as separate entities. I forgot it was from this bug - hah.

This is definitely still an issue

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@services this seemed to have been fixed but broke again. If you try to search beers (or brewers or places) from the forums, it no longer works.

Thanks for reporting this issue. This seems to keep coming up when new features are released on the forum site. The forum is hosted by a third party and we don’t control their releases (and they don’t tell us when they are planning a next release), which is why this functionality keeps breaking without us seeing it.

Currently, we don’t see an easy way of fixing this permanently, so we are planning to remove the search functionality from forum pages. This will make it more obvious that you need to return to the homepage to search. We think that this is the best option, so that we can spend time on more urgent issues, such as an updated places page.

Ooh, while your position is understandable, this isn’t going to go well with people.

And I really, really hope you aren’t fixing what isn’t broken with places. Some of us invested WAY too much time into them.

isn’t this how we had it originally, and people hated it?

In this case please place a easy accessible link to a page with search that is easy to hit even when a thread gets really long. Since the forum software loads earlier posts when you scroll up it is sometimes hard to get to the main navigation bar.
Hitting the RB logo is possible of course, but the main page can be a little bit heavy to load with pictures and all - something like the old advanced search page would be optimal.

@services a link to search at least would be much preferred.