SEARCH RESULTS PAGE Feedback / bug updates

Today, a new Search Engine look has been released.
It’s definitively better looking and have more infos listed.

Here’s my take on that:

We can’t see at first sight if we rated a beer or not…our own score rating should be listed so we don’t have to go to the beer page to see if we rated it or not in the past.

Screen width format still seems a problem for wider screens (the search result appear narrower in a wider screen…)

We should have more that 8 result lists per Search result page…at least 10 per page (or 20 would be even better)

Now searching using the old page header Search bar is broken and doesn’t return any result.

The beer pictures seem to only use the space of 3 out of the 4 lines available, making them more little that they should be…

Advanced search still use the old page instead of using instead of using something like this (from the Ratebeer Shop page…)

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Seeing if I rated a beer already is 95% of the reason I use search but other than that looks fine overall. Does seem like another update where end user wasn’t completely thought of.


Just another update where end users needs are not thougt about at all.

This resultpage is more or less useless, Like 2@jow says also most of my searchis to check if I have rated before. Now you have to click on the beer to see if you have rated it.

Thank you @services @joet for another update that are one step backwards…


There is no indication when a beer is an aliased beer…
We see that the beer have a beer overall/style score but the beer is displayed as 0 rating with 0/5 score.

Also, when there’s no abv/ibu profile, the displayed result have a messed up “0” right next to the Style name.

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I don’t know if it is intended or not but the search results on mobile don’t fit the screen perfectly, you have to scroll right to see the rest of the name and the scores.

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Showing if you have rated the beer or not is the most important feature of the search listing. I don’t want to click through all of the results to find out if I’ve had the beer already.


I totaly disagree most of the searc is realated to check beer if you had rated it or not.
@service Get that info back into the earch immedeatly.
Do not ever try to make that not an important result of the search.


I can only repeat what others have said and express my disappointment with this display revision. Implementing a way to show if we’ve had a beer or not and the score if we have should have been a priority without which this simply should not have been released live, and I really hope that the fix is immediate and not “when we get to it”, because it’s a key function of Ratebeer!

Displaying if a beer is an alias and/or retired is very important as well.


Whoever is responsible for the latest RB search changes… sack him. He has no clue how users use search. Completely incompetent person!
It may look “cool and trendy” but has absolutely no usability!



I fully agree but It should also if the beer is an alias give an indication immedeatly that you had the “original” one.if you have rated that allready.

@services somthing to think about. That would actually be somthing new for you guys called imrovement.


Oh so this.

Yeah I don’t understand why alias don’t work like this. When the beer is an alias, it should be displayed with the same Score/number of ratings than the beer it is aliased (right now, they are shown as having no ratings at all).
And in our personal rating pages, they should be displayed the beer with the name we rated it…For example, I drank a beer a year ago before the beer was aliased (because the new name didn’t exist yet)…but now in my personal rating, only the new beer name is displayed…which can be quite confusing if you didn’t know it was aliased)


As of today in the search, our own ratings score is back but we lost the BREWER, the GLOBAL 5-STAR SCORE, the NUMBER OF RATINGS and the what I supposed to be the COUNTRY FLAG (I see a small CA, US stuck with the beer style) is not showing properly. Except for our own rating, the search as of yesterday was more useful at first sight.
Aliased beer don’t have any score anymore (yesterday, star score weas missing, but the overal/style score was ok)

For the PLACES RESULTS, we can’t see if we rated it, neither the place score. Both are important at first sight IMO.

For the BREWER RESULTS, we should see the number of beers the brewer have and how many beers we had from them.

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Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback on the recent search changes. Not showing your review of beers in search results was definitely an oversight and we have now fixed this issue.

Recent changes:

  • Your beer score is now shown
  • Added flags to show country of origin
  • Added style score in addition to overall score

Next steps:

  • Indicate number of ratings the beer has
  • Add place score to place search
  • Add retired and alias to beer search

This is a pretty cool touch that I really like. One thing that is worth thinking about is if you search for a Tibetan beer, it shows the Chinese flag. If you search for a Welsh beer it shows a UK flag etc. If we are going to recognise these as ‘countries’ for RB ticking, shouldn’t they get to use their own flags?


This happens on the app too (although I didn’t notice the lack of Welsh and English, etc. flags - well spotted). I pointed it out but no one has weighed in on it so far.

Probably should have tagged @services in my post.

Search doesn’t work at all for me.

Just looks like this.

I searched for Denver Beer Company Incredible Pedal and got this.

When I searched for the beer without typing in the brewery, it worked like a charm. Shouldn’t be that way, should it?

Hi @OminouSC2 thanks for letting us know about this issue, are you still experiencing this problem? We can’t reproduce this issue, so it would be very helpful if you could give us some additional details:

  • do you remember which page you were searching from?
  • if you reload the page, do you get search results?

is the issue the “company” in the search box?