Sending parcels to Scandinavia via Hermes. Does it work for you?

Hallo zusammen!

I tried this morning to send a parcel to Finland via Hermes. When at the parcel shop, the lady scanned the code and on the device an error message appeared, saying “Parcels to Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Finland) can only be sent via home pick up”. I would not comment on the fact that Finland is not Scandinavia, but anyway… I came back home, called their Customer Service and got told the pick up from home works only for parcels from and to Germany and that I should go back to the parcel shop.

In the end I sent it via DHL, but wanted to double check with you if you faced anything like this with Hermes in the past.

In the last couple of years I always used DPD for my trades, but as costs for Finland were higher than 40 EUR, I needed to find a different option this time.

Using Hermes most of the time for inner EU trades. Never faced the problem you are writing about and did sent to Sweden and Finland before.

I found it quite odd. I am pretty sure I sent a couple of boxes to Finland via Hermes in the past, so I thought it was something new.

Nevermind, DHL loved taking my money and the box arrived.