Is this where I’m supposed to chat about my region? I live in South Georgia.

There is always discussing the finer points of The War of Northern Agression with an older true southern gentleman.


There is discussion in another thread about creating forums as seldom used regions didn’t get automatically created. I think we need a southeast forum for Georgia and Florida at minimum. But we need to create a poll and have 10 locals vote for it. Can we rally troops? Will people use?

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Yeah, I’d like to see a southeast forum again. Please?

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Being serious, it seems that you have to create a poll and get ten votes, based another thread.

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And how about North Carolina? Would that be better suited to Southeast or Mid Atlantic?

Dunno - what do you think? Instinct says MA to me.

Yeah I’d agree.

I did a poll but don’t think a Southern forum ever got started

A United States Geological Survey publication describes the Mid-Atlantic Region as all of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, along with the parts of New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina that drain into the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays and the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds.

So we have NYC forum, a Philly forum, and Mid Atlantic. That covers less than half of eastern seaboard.

Awesome info thanks!

Yeah! So get South up @joet


@services, can we get this done? We need a Carolina or South forum. @joet promised us this forum with 10 votes in favor, which we got easily (not sure where that poll is now). But there was never delivery on that promise, even though we easily qualified.

Please don’t discount one of the most vibrant beer regions on this planet.

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