Stats - New UK/IE Breweries in 2017 - How many did you try?

shamelessy stolen from The Netherlands forum

In England we added 214 new breweries in 2017 to the Ratebeer database - warning: link takes a while to load. Click “Est.” twice to sort by year most recent, then scroll down and count how many you have a blue checkmark next to.

In Scotland we added 19 (EDIT: technically 18 as one was a cidery I added that’s been around prior to 2017)

In Wales we added 14

In Northern Ireland we added just the 4 (none of which are actually microbreweries which is disappointing)

And finally in Ireland we added 10

That’s 261 new UK & Ireland breweries overall!

My stats:

England: 2
Scotland: 1 (but really 0, as it’d started before 2017)
Wales: 1
NI: 0
Ireland: 0

Yeah that’s… really disappointing. I blame the fact that I’m still playing catch up to all you guys and trying to get through the core ranges of decent UK breweries, and trying all the new stuff from breweries I’ve come to really like. I think my aim for 2018 will be to get out and try more new ones. I suspect most of you will have much more pleasing numbers than I do.

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Well i got all the way down to 2015 and i hadnt had a single ONE, turned out i wasnt logged in :slight_smile:
So my real numbers are

England: 9
Scotland: 10 but Beer 52 annoys me!!!
Wales: 0
NI: 0
Ireland: 0

England: 17 (I added a number of these, one new Surrey brewery left to tick)
Wales: 1
Others: Nil

I did quite a few Beer Festivals this year so did pick up quite a lot of the English new breweries, so here are my numbers :-

England - 56
Scotland - 1
Wales - 2
N.Ireland - 0
Ireland - 0
There is also a new Brewery for Guernsey, but I haven’t had one from there either.

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Nice stats. Any that particularly stood out as being ones to watch over the next couple of years?

Yeah that one surprised me. I did check Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man when posting but didn’t see any new ones except for that one you just mentioned which started up in 2016.
It’s actually on the island of Sark strangely enough. Home to just 600 people. Kinda cool they have their own brewery there now, so far the only rater isn’t even British!

England: 13
Everyone else: 0

Must think outside the box concerning the rest of the UK (and Ireland)

England 3
Ireland 1
The rest 0

Surprised my totals are so low to be honest, but I didn’t get to any big festivals this year.


England 12 (with 8 in County Durham)
Scotland 1
Others 0

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No englishman here but:

Ireland 3 of which I added 2 on my trip this year :slight_smile:

The rest: 0

25 new English breweries for me, although I reckon I had 3 or 4 more at Pigs Ear this week.

Still … not a lot and about 13% or so of the total … thought it would be more like 20/25 tbh!

England 8
Wales 2
Scotland 1
Northern Ireland 1

I added some of these, inc one just 2 weeks ago! Surprised to see some such as Unity & Whiplash started last year. Always try to hunt out new breweries, not for stats but to satisfy my curiosity about new brewers & generally to be aware of whats out there. If this stat returns next year i like to think ill improve on it

Up to 19 following Pigs Ear. 20 if I can identify the beer that apparently does not exist.

Zeroes across the board :man_shrugging: that said, Brussels isn’t exactly a mecca for beers from the Atlantic Archipelago.

I have had a few…

  • England - 38
  • Scotland - 1
  • Wales - 4
  • Northern Ireland - 1
  • Ireland - 0
    Total - 44
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Sourced one more scottish one yesterday

8 english beers for me.

Pretty good :slight_smile:

England 2 Scotland 1

An absolute disgrace. I don’t drink new brew. 1 only.