Stats - New UK/IE Breweries in 2018

Follow up from our 2017 thread - Stats - New UK/IE Breweries in 2017 - How many did you try?

How many new breweries did we add in 2018?

Country No. Added Change from 2017
England 205 -9
Scotland 17 -2
Wales 14 0
N. Ireland 2 -2
Rep. Ireland 13 +3
TOTAL 251 -10

So we’re slightly down this year but looking at the bigger picture I’d say this we’re at the same very strong health, not a big enough change to be of any concern in my opinion. That said, I’ve no stats on brewery closures but I am imagining it’s a hell of a lot less than openings.

Want to check how many you rated?

Click the following links and click on the “Est.” heading twice to sort by year. Count how many 2018s you have a checkmark next to.

For me personally I don’t make a point of seeking out new breweries so my unimpressive numbers are:

  • England - 4 (Duration, Liquid Light, Mount St. Bernard Abbey, Yonder)
  • Scotland - 1 (BrewDog Overworks)
  • Wales - 1 (Loka Polly - technically not new but a complete rebrand and change of style warrants the entry I think)
  • N. Ireland - 0
  • Rep. Ireland - 0

Any outstanding new entries we should be on the lookout for? Heard great things about Vault City in Scotland so looking forward to trying them. In Wales Loka Polly are easily leading the charge impressing far more than any others, I’m already a fan. Not tried or even heard of any of the Irish entries to know anything about them. And in England to be honest there are far too many to keep track of.

How was your 2018 for new breweries?

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I was wondering about this earlier today when I added the Cellar Boys Brewery in New Cross. One of those breweries that have never been on here, having just changed their name from PWA (Paddys With Attitude).

A few of the breweries added this year have been open since 2017 or before but fell through the cracks.

I was chatting to a mate about the amount of new breweries so took a look at closures. Only had a quick scan but 2018 seemed to be a year with a lot of them, although closures pale in comparison to new ones.

My stats:

England - 17
Scotland and Wales - 2 each (Manual, Vault City/Brew Monster, Loka Polly)
NI and Ireland - 0

The two I’d highlight:

  1. Look like they could be going places: Double-Barreled

  2. Generally interesting: Mount St Bernard

England - 12 (By the River Brew Co in Newcastle is the pick of those, great location) with 3 in County Durham (Crafty Monkey the only one of those which seems to still be brewing)
Scotland - 1 (BrewDog Overworks)
Wales - 1 (Loka Polly)
N. Ireland - 0
Rep. Ireland - 0

Loka Polly aren’t new. They just went through a craft rebrand. Whe I first saw their cans I assumed that Loka meant Cloud and Polly meant Water. Presumably it’s the Welsh translation of their original name, Black Mill.

Probably happens every year so I don’t think it really skews the stats too much. Definitely happened last year too as one I added myself actually opened in 2016.

Black Brook :wink:
Funnily enough I wondered the same thing back then. If anyone’s actually wondering though

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Loka is different enough to what they did before to be a brand new brewery. I added Black Brook originally, named after the small area their parents farm is based. Black Brook was Predominantly cask focussed, whereas Loka is definitely more modern and ‘craft’ in feel. And yes, very much Cloudwater inspired

Only 13 new English breweries for me this year.

More interestingly Leighton and I seem to have the same number of English beers.

25 new English breweries for me … which is exactly the same as my 2017 total !

Nothing particularly standout …

Brewdog Tower Hill being pretty solid to be fair. I’m still 100% on the RB database which is only 16 from 16, I really thought they’d have churned out quite a few more in 7 or so months, but they average 3.52 for me which is a decent score.

Others worthy of note … Buckinghamshires very own …

Decent Belgian offerings.

Also …

Some solid lagers and hoppy numbers coming from their taps.

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I only managed a few

England 7
Scotland 1
Wales 1
N Ireland 0
Forgot to check Eire

I think that of those new breweries Loka Polly definitely stand out for me and I also agree with others, I that they should probably be considered as a new brewery but completely understand if RB rules indicate otherwise. On this topic another brewery who went through a fairly significant rebranding was Mad Squirrel who for my money are a significantly better brewery than they were when under the Red Squirrel name. Back on new breweries, I thoroughly enjoyed the Yonder beer that I had the other evening and I have another of their beers turning up tomorrow so looking forward to that.

I agree with you about Double Barreled, even though I’ve not tried them yet from what I have heard they are definitely one to watch.

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Agreed, I was very impressed when I visited and need to plan a return visit. Lagers were really good

I forgot to mention it in my original post as it’s so insignificant but there was also one new brewery opened when we count the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, which is Stinky Bay in Jersey, however nobody on the forums has rated their beer.

This is similar to 2017 which also saw one new brewery open on the Channel Islands, Isle of Sark Brewing Co on the tiny island of Sark, still no forum posters have rated them.

My sister-in-law works out in Guernsey every couple of months so will have to see if she can track some down.

Ooh, I see that Isle of Sark beer is/was available on Guernsey.

I think new brewery wise I have had:

  • England 30 (to many to list)
  • Scotland 1 (overworks)
  • Wales 1 (Loka Polly)

I know it opened late last year but as it only hit my radar this year I’d put a mention in for Wander Beyond some of my most liked beers of the year.

Also agree about Loka Polly consistently standout beers.

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Oh yes I can’t believe I forgot them! Really enjoyed most of Wander Beyond’s beers I’ve had this year, their use of fruits and other adjuncts has worked, for the most part, really well, and now seems to be their signature.

I think they were open for less than 1 month commercially in 2017 so I’d personally count them as a new brewery for 2018 for myself at least.

England - 36/205
Scotland - 5/17
Wales - 5/14
Norn Iron - 0/2
Rep Ireland - 1/13

Looks like I have managed to do 52 of the new breweries as follows

England - 47
Scotland - 2
Wales - 3
Blanks for either of the Irelands

Of course that could just mean that fewer of the new breweries are actually being added to RateBeer these days!