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Suggested Topics?


Who or what decides the forums ‘Suggested Topics’?

This is a serious question.

I would much rather see the latest topics in whichever forum I am in rather than a list of ‘Suggested Topics’.

Anyone else tired of being ‘led’?



I am. Budweiser also sent me a message that I was replying too much to one person and asked me to respond to others.


I had the same question: Similar Posts - how does this work?
I found that it started to work better, sometimes even returns useful stuff, as time went on.

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Id suspect its all an algorythm that comes with the Forum software.


Yeah it’s an algorithm in the forum software which actually tends to throw up fairly random topics. If you’re curious how it’s decided, the steps the software runs through are given on their own forums by one of the co-founders here:

That was posted 5 years ago but a post some years later towards the end of it suggests it’s barely changed, if at all, since then.

Klemans, the question you asked back then I think works slightly differently in that it’s supposed to find topics similar to what you’re writing about (to avoid duplicate questions for example), as opposed to the suggested topics feature which is more about keeping you engaged in reading and posting content.

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Indeed, I confused the suggested topics with the similar topics - my mistake.


Cheers for that mate, as you may have already gleamed I as not software savvy.



Can I also say “I do not like the Suggested Topic feature”.

I want the latest posts not what some software thinks I want. I have trouble finding old threads I’ve been on without the unwanted suggestions from elsewhere.