The Great County of Yorkshire

Following on in the series of random stats linking English Counties together i thought i’d do the “What if all Yorkshire was one region” list. Again this is picked up from the individual “top 50’s” for each county. Obvious to say but the includes East, North, South and West Yorkshire.

I guess top spot isn’t in doubt with @ManVsBeer big 1762 rates for West Yorkshire alone. I have gone to place 21 as thats where I appear.

Name Total Rates
ManVsBeer 2997
@imdownthepub 1684
@cgarvieuk 1683
@fonefan 1564
@madmitch76 1263
@Garrold 1138
@DJMonarch 1122
@harrisoni 1096
@Stuu666 939
@leaparsons 927
maeib 887
Leighton 879
allmyvinyl 797
s_hartshorne 787
Theydon_Bois 777
downender 759
mr_h 726
DruncanVeasey 718
Fin 702
Mr_Pink_152 631

I am embarrassed by how far behind (407) I am for beers from my homeland.

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Yeah, you are even behind me (467) mate.

Plus our little Staffordshire battle is not as close anymore, you’ve been slacking.


Also a few behind you for Wales which is only going to get worse after we moved the Caravan out of Wales in the winter. I have become disillusioned with Ratebeer and don’t really hunt out new ticks anymore. I tend to drink my favourite ciders or Red Wine at the moment.
I am currently making my way through some homebrew whilst watching the recorded Rugby League over breakfast after my final night shift for the week.
Homebrew tastes great at 8am.

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Picked up 2 North Yorkshire ratings on Friday, got me above Craig, nice.


Sorry to hear you’ve ‘lost the love’. Red Wine, Cider and Homebrew sounds like a recipe to disaster.

Enjoy your breakfast.


Damn :slight_smile: But look i beat Jan at something. Probably as he hasnt added his back log

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  1. Not great but not bad for someone who gets a nosebleed on a day trip to Stoke. My experience of the North is probably even less than a Man United supporter.
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Only 151 for me, seeing how far everyone is ahead of me I’d be surprised if I’m even in the top 100.

A huge percentage of mine are Northern Monk, Magic Rock and North Brewing - some of my favourite UK breweries.

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